Dream garden with light grey composite decking

Tips to create your dream outdoor space in 2024

Is 2024 the year to make your garden dreams a reality? If so, our latest post will help point you in the right direction. We’ve put together a list of seven questions we think you should answer before embarking on your perfect outdoor space creation.

1. How do you plan to use your outdoor space?

This should be the first question you should ask yourself. Make a list of what you want to use your outdoor space for. It could be to attract wildlife? Is it somewhere for the children to play? Do you want a year-round entertaining space?

The answers to this question will dictate the decisions you make later on, and it’s always good to have these ‘end goals’ in mind when making future choices. 

2. Get inspired!

Be inspired by others! Social media channels, such as Pinterest and Instagram, are fantastic places to find ideas and inspiration. Gardening and home magazines, as well as websites, are also useful and often provide expert advice in addition to inspiration. Use these sources to create your own ‘ideas board’.

If decking is your thing, check out our inspiration pages for a wealth of ideas!

3. Substance as well as style

Don’t simply focus on the look of your new outside space. You also need to consider its practicalities. For example, if children or pets are using the space, it needs to be secure. If you’re having a raised area, you may need to install a balustrade.

You also need to think about how much time you want to devote to keep your garden looking it’s best. If mowing the lawn is not your thing, then artificial grass or paving could be the answer. Or, if you’re not keen on repainting or staining your fencing or decking every year, you may want to consider low maintenance options, such as a wood composite materials.

stainless steel posts and glass balustrade

4. Decide on a budget

Before you start your project, it’s important to set yourself a realistic budget. This means you can then save yourself time by only researching designs and materials within your price range.

5. What support do you need?

Your budget and the sophistication of your project will also depend on how much of the work you’ll be able to do yourself, and how much will require the help of trade experts.

Employing the services of a professional could also impact your timeline, so it’s important to find and book experts within plenty of time prior to your project’s start date – especially during the busier summer months!

6. Research your materials

There are now many materials you can use to create your outside area. Again, your choices could depend on your budget, your appetite for maintenance, how important eco-friendly options are, and how long you want your products to last.

If possible, don’t opt for the cheapest products – whilst they may be an attractive option, often cheap materials are a false economy. For example, timber decking is cheaper than composite decking, but lasts no where near as long, meaning you’ll need to pay out again to replace it in a few years!

Once you’ve decided on your main materials, it’s a good idea to research suppliers. Look for suppliers with good customer reviews and those that have extensive product warranties.

It’s also useful to work with suppliers that are easy to contact by phone and who can offer you advice and support when needed.

7. Build an ideal timeline

Finally, create yourself an ideal timeline – but make sure it’s realistic! Ask yourself how much time you can really devote to the project. If you’re using tradespeople, you’ll also need to factor in their lead times.

Creating a timeline will help you better plan the various stages on your project, keep it on track, and provide an end date for when you can relax and enjoy your new dream outside area!!!

We hope these hints and tips will help you on your journey to making your dream garden a reality, but if you’ve any queries or would like more guidance, call our experts today on 01978 667 840.

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