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Give your decking the best support possible

A composite deck is only as good as the supporting sub-structure beneath it. And when it comes to pedestals and posts it makes sense to invest in quality.

Ecodek pedestals and heavy duty posts, combined with our composite decking support joists or beams, are designed to protect the longevity of your installation.

So whilst your decking looks great from above, below it’s safe from the elements.

Heavy duty support posts

Our composite decking support posts come as 1.83m or 2.44m lengths and can be cut down to your required height. They are ideal for a range of surfaces, in particular soil and gravel.

As a superior alternative to timber, composite supports don’t require treating, making them much quicker to install.

Unlike timber they won’t rot, splinter or warp, making them extremely durable and long lasting.

Heavy duty support post

Decking pedestal

Decking pedestals for a range of heights

With variable and adjustable height options, our decking pedestals (also known as risers) allow speedy and accurate installation.

These simple, fixed and adjustable composite decking pedestals can be used to install decking on a range of different surfaces, including concrete, balconies, podiums and roof decks.

For slopes and rises, our slope correctors offer great precision, helping to achieve a stable base for your stylish decking.

Pedestals or posts?
Talk through your needs…

If you’re not sure what sub-structure you require and would like to talk through your options, please get in touch.

Our team of decking experts will be happy to give you any support and guidance you need.

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