Composite decking for
educational institutes

Composite decking for a school

Elevate educational outdoor spaces

Transform outdoor areas at schools and universities with our commercial composite decking.

Turn playgrounds and recreational spaces into vibrant, functional and inviting environments for students and staff to enjoy all year round.

Low maintenance, high performance

When choosing decking for educational establishments you need a material that’s built to last.

Our decking boards are engineered to endure heavy foot traffic, weather extremes, and daily wear, providing a reliable and enduring solution for outdoor spaces.

Composite decking at Hinguar School
Safety composite decking at a school

Safety beyond standards

For maximum safety our commercial decking collections have high levels of slip resistance.

For increased levels of grip we offer anti-slip inserts in our non-capped ranges. These are ideal for steps, ramps and high slip-risk areas.

Composite decking is also extremely child-friendly, being splinter-free and split/rot resistant.

Design versatility

Boost creativity and collaboration by creating comfortable, inspiring outdoor spaces for students and staff.

Available in a wide range of styles and colours, our composite decking provides an ideal setting for classes, study and play sessions, or moments of relaxation.

Composite decking installed at a school
Plants on composite decking

A sustainable choice

Contribute to your eco-friendly ethos with our sustainable composite decking. Crafted from 95% recycled and sustainably-sourced materials, our decking will align with your institution’s commitment to a greener future.

Aluminium decking at Queensborough School

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