Composite Decking

Ecodek Composite Decking

What is composite decking?

Composite decking is made by combining wood fibres with plastic to create a durable decking material.  The combination of wood and plastic creates a product that is both strong and dense.  Because composite deck doesn’t rot, ecodek® lasts longer than a traditional decking product made out of wood or plastic alone.

People may refer to composite decking by other names, such as:

  • wood polymer composite decking or wpc decking
  • upvc decking
  • synthetic or artificial decking
  • plastic composite decking
  • recycled decking
  • plastic decking

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Why is ecodek composite decking more environmentally friendly than other kinds of garden decking?

ecodek® is a leader in manufacturing composite decking and sustainability is at the core of our practices. Our composite product is made of a blend of recycled hardwood (beech) fibres (around 55%) and recycled plastic (around 45%). We then add a blend of additives, which help the product to resist fade, and a pigment to give each finished board it’s distinctive colour.  This means that the final product contains around 95% recycled material. The beech is sourced from sustainable forests, so you can be assured that all our wood comes from well-managed sources.

ecodek® uses the reduce, reuse, recycle process.  With  FSC and PEFC certification, customers can be assured that ecodek® maintains high environmental standards. You can also be assured that ecodek® composite decking has a low impact on the environment.

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UK Manufactured Composite Decking

ecodek® is the only UK manufacturer of solid composite decking.  We work closely with the customer to provide a bespoke service when manufacturing decking boards.  This allows us to meet individual specifications and respond quickly to customers’ needs.

ecodek® can manufacture boards in lengths up to 6m at no additional cost (up to 9m with a 10% surcharge). Customers only pay for decking they actually need.

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Is Composite Decking low maintenance?

Composite decking is low maintenance because it’s made from a blend of wood and plastic.  ecodek® won’t rot, the colour doesn’t fade and the deck won’t split or splinter. Combining wood and plastic brings out the best qualities of both materials and minimises their weaknesses.

ecodek® does not need to be painted, stained or treated so our customers not only save time and money but also  spend more time enjoying their deck. ecodek® does require some light cleaning – a jet wash twice a year will keep your deck looking its best and maintain its function for years to come.

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