Vertical composite decking fae

How to finish composite decking edges

A composite decking edge is the perfect way to complete your new decking. In this blog we look at the different ways you can edge your decking and how you can achieve that professional and stylish finish.

Fascia boards

A fascia board is the board used to cover the end-cuts or rim joists of your decking. Often decking collections have a matching fascia board option, but you can also use a ‘normal’ composite decking board as your fascia to ensure a consistent design.

Why choose a fascia board?

A fascia board will provide a clean, stylish finish to your decked area. It’s also relatively easy to install, so any competent DIY-er should be able to achieve a professional appearance with a little guidance.

Installation of fascia boards

Once cut to length, you’ll be able to fit your fascia board with the appropriate screws or clip fasteners. It’s important to read the manufacturer’s instructions or talk to an expert – such as our team here at Ecodek – to ensure you use the correct method for your boards.

Fascia on raised decking

Vertical composite decking face

A vertical composite decking face is exactly that, a row of vertical decking boards which run around your decking and cover the subframe.

Why choose a vertical composite decking face?

Vertical composite decking is relatively simple to install, so is an easy, yet effective way of covering your unsightly subframe. It’s a particularly good way to cover deep voids.

Installation of a vertical composite decking face

The installation process for your vertical composite decking face is similar to that of your main decked area. You firstly need to install vertical joists along the edge of your subframe and then use the same type of fixings (either clips or screws) to fix to these vertical joists. As always, it’s important to refer to the manufacturer’s installation guidelines during the installation process.

Vertical composite decking fae

End coating

Painting the ends of your composite decking is an inexpensive way to finish your composite decking. End coating does not offer the same protection, or professional finish, as other composite decking edges, but it is useful if you only have a few exposed ends.

Why choose end coating?

End coating is the simplest finish for your composite decking. It does not require any specialist skills or tools, just a paint brush and your chosen paint!

Applying end coating

Choose the recommended acrylic paint colour to complement your decking, apply the paint to the ends of the board where the core is exposed, wait for it to dry, and you’re done! The downside is you will need to repaint the area every few years as the paint will wear off due the weathering.

Picture frame border

Unlike the options above, which refer to the finishing of the vertical edges of the decking, a picture frame boarder is a popular way to finish the surface of a deck. It simply involves laying boards around the perimeter of the decked area, to give it a framed finish and hide the end cuts of the boards.

Why choose a picture frame border?

A picture frame border provides a professional, polished finish to your decking. It also offers many design possibilities. For example, you could install a contrasting colour to the rest of your decked area, or use a board with a different finish, to create a truly individual design.

Installation of a picture frame border

A picture frame border requires additional joists and blocking to support it, so you need to decide before installation if this is the design you want.

Garden with picture frame composite decking

Your choice of composite decking edges will be down to the finish you’re trying to achieve, your budget and the decking application. We recommend either discussing your options with your decking installer or composite decking supplier.  

As always, the Ecodek team can provide you with everything you need to create your own professionally finished decked area. If you have any questions, you can call our expert, friendly team today on 01978 667 840 or contact us for an informal chat.

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