Bus shelter seating by Shelter Solutions

Shelter Solutions - composite wood benches
Shelter Solutions - composite wood benches in bus stand
Shelter Solutions - composite wood in bus stop

Shelter Solutions, a manufacturer of shelters and canopies, was tasked with designing, manufacturing, and supplying several bus shelters for the centre of Ellesmere Port. One of the elements included in this contract was bench seating. 

Having previously worked with us on several projects, Shelter Solutions knew that we were well placed to support.

Together we agreed that our Super Stiff Support Beams would make the ideal material choice for the benches – being environmentally-friendly, solid, low maintenance, and extremely durable.

We then worked alongside Shelter Solutions to create the perfect profile for the shelter seating.

What the customer says:

“As expected, due to our previous experienced with Ecodek, our product was delivered efficiently and in perfect condition. We would like to thank Ecodek and their staff for helping us deliver a quality product which has only received positive feedback from our client and the public. We look forward to working with Ecodek again in the future!”

Robert Leghorn, Project Manager at Shelter Solutions

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