Decking in a restaurant setting

How composite decking can benefit hospitality businesses

Restaurants and bars faced many new challenges over the course of the 2020s, with a common concern being how to safely accommodate customers when indoor dining was restricted or unavailable.

As a result, alfresco drinking and dining options have become the norm and many hospitality businesses have realised the importance of having outdoor spaces for customers to enjoy.

What is Ecodek composite decking?

Ecodek solid composite decking is a safe and sustainable solution for outdoor hospitality spaces that’s simple to install and more hardwearing than a wooden outdoor floor surface.

Manufactured in the UK and supported with a 25-year guarantee, Ecodek has been designed with outdoor leisure and dining in mind. With slip-resistant boards, the composite decking is ideal for commercial purposes in both wet and dry conditions, making it a logical choice for bars and restaurants that want to develop outdoor areas.

Its solid structure gives it greater noise absorption properties, so it’s quieter underfoot which helps to reduce noise levels in dining environments.

Built to last for high footfall areas

The composition of Ecodek is intended to prevent water and moisture from rotting the decking from within and is designed to be long-lasting and low maintenance with an increased resistance to impact damage.

Thanks to its polymer content, Ecodek limits moisture absorption to less than 1% compared with more than 25% for untreated timber. This means there is no need to stain, paint or treat the decking to prevent warping, swelling or distortion and gives Ecodek its ‘fit and forget’ properties.

How Ecodek helps protects the environment

Ecodek’s composite decking boards are initially manufactured using 95% recycled and sustainable sourced materials and production has even achieved ‘carbon negative’ status, making it an ecologically sustainable product that is a great alternative to plastic decking.

Ecodek can be recycled repeatedly which also makes it as green as it is long lasting and as decking is manufactured to bespoke lengths at the fabrication stage in the UK, this not only limits waste, but also helps to reduce installation time, customer costs and environmental impact.

Why Ecodek is an investment for the future 

Creating an attractive and comfortable outdoor space is an essential aspect of encouraging customers to visit your venue -time and time again.

Not only do you want to ensure that an area is attractive, you also want to use materials designed to last for the long-term, that require little maintenance and are easy to clean. Composite decking can provide just that.

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