Balcony & Roof Terrace Composite Decking

Balcony Composite Decking

ecodek® Balcony Decking & Roof Terrace Applications

If you’re looking to transform your balcony or roof terrace into a stunning area for you to enjoy all year round, ecodek® balcony decking is the perfect solution.

Outdoor flooring areas always look beautiful when they are effectively maintained. Ground level properties provide less effort than high rise apartment balconies, where maintenance is added to essential needs such as to stability, robustness and solid all-year-round performance.

Composite decking is ideal for both commercial and residential balcony projects, with a vast selection of board profiles and colourways. For podium decks and balconies, we have produced a full range of specific screws, substructure bearers and beams for decking that take into consideration the change in outdoor temperature and weather. With a high material stability that does not expand or contract, ecodek® offers the perfect choice of composite balcony decking suited to varying applications.

What Are The Benefits of ecodek® Balcony Decking?

As industry-leading specialists in supplying high quality balcony decking to homeowners and commercial premises alike, we are proud to offer many benefits to our bespoke service.

  • Order decking in lengths to suit your project.
  • Waste buy-back scheme available for unused decking.
  • ecodek® decking is manufactured from 95% recycled materials.
  • All balcony decking comes complete with a 25-year warranty.
  • Composite decking requires minimal maintenance.
  • Consistent colour stability means decking doesn’t leach colour.
  • No sanding, painting, treating, or sealing required.

Composite Decking Samples

Why Choose ecodek® Composite Balcony Decking?

Personalised Service

At ecodek®, we’re pleased to deliver a personalised service to our customers. We create your balcony decking boards for you, specifically crafting their size, colour and general specification to meet the needs of your individual project.  

Affordable Prices

Most decking suppliers are only able to provide standard sizes of composite decking boards because they import them, so you may find yourself with more materials than you need. At ecodek®, we’re different. There is no waste product when you order composite decking because all orders are personalised.

UK Manufacturing

At ecodek®, we are thrilled to be the only UK manufacturer of solid composite decking. Rather that outsourcing our stock and importing deck boards, we manufacture our products ourselves to sell direct to our valued customers.

Which Colours Are Available For ecodek® Balcony Decking?

When it comes to the design of balconies and terraces, many people have different tastes in terms of design. At ecodek®, we understand this, so to ensure that we can offer bespoke balcony decking to our customers, we provide our bespoke decking boards in a range of colours:

  • Heritage Welsh Slate Composite DeckingSlate Grey
  • Pebble Grey
  • Light Brown
  • Dark Brown
  • Black

Of course, you are free to browse our range of decking colours online but please note that actual colours may vary dependent on your screen settings. If you are considering purchasing composite balcony decking, we would recommend that you request a sample pack before placing any orders so that you’re able to evaluate your choice of colour in reality.

How Is ecodek® Balcony Decking Delivered?

At ecodek®, we pride ourselves on our ability to deliver your balcony decking in a professional and timely manner. All our bespoke deliveries follow a strict schedule, and our logistics team are flexible in being able to meet any unique delivery requirements you may have. We have a range of affordable delivery options for your decking boards and accessories, and costs can remain much lower if you are able to offer flexibility in terms of your preferred delivery date and time. If you would like to find out more about how you can’t keep costs down with delivery, please contact our team of decking specialists for helpful advice.

Ecodek Composite Decking Contact

Does ecodek® Balcony Decking Require Maintenance?

ecodek® balcony decking is very different from conventional decking because it requires very little maintenance. The reason behind this is because it is crafted from a specific combination of wood and plastic. As such, your decking will not suffer from fading, rot, splitting or splintering, and overall weaknesses are minimised.

As well as its long-lasting qualities, ecodek® composite decking does not have the same maintenance requirements as traditional decking. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. Our composite decking does not require any treating, staining or painting. By jet washing your balcony decking twice a year, you can ensure that your deck boards remains in top condition.

With minimal maintenance and a product that is built to last, ecodek® balcony decking can not only save you time, but it will keep costs down in the long run too.

How Do I Receive A Quote For ecodek® Balcony Decking?

ecodek® are pleased to be the sole UK manufacturer of a wide range of solid composite balcony decking. We always put our customers’ needs first by offering a first-class service, and bespoke decking solutions tailored to unique specifications. If you are seeking a modern flooring solution to improve your balcony or roof terrace, please contact ecodek today.

For further information on ecodek® balcony decking, or to request a sample pack or quote before placing an order, call us directly on 0800 193 8843 or please complete our online contact form a member of our team will be in touch to discuss your requirements.