Installing composite decking

Installing composite decking correctly: how to install a composite deck

Composite decking is both durable and robust. It can also be simple to install (providing you choose a simple decking pattern). However, to ensure your new decking remains strong and long-lasting, it’s important to follow the manufacturers’ instructions.

How easy is it to install composite decking?

The installation of composite decking – particularly Ecodek decking – is a straightforward and simple process and very similar to working with a hardwood timber. However, there are a few areas of installation, such as spacing and ventilation, that are key to keeping your new composite decking in tip top condition!

Step by step method for installing composite decking

When installing your composite decking, there are a number of things to consider to ensure your decking is both stylish and safe.

Required tools for installation

The following items will make the installation of your decking easier and will result in a professional finish:

Circular saw
Smart bit
Safety glasses
Cordless drill
Chalk line
Hearing protection
Spirit level
Ecodek spacer
Dusk mask

Building the substructure

What lies beneath your decking is just as important as the decking itself. A strong, stable composite decking base will ensure your new decking remains level and will promote longevity. The base you require will depend on the surface on which your decking is being placed e.g a concrete patio, a soil or sand area, or a raised surface. You can chose from timber, composite and aluminium subframes and timber posts or pedestals. Check out this blog for more information on composite decking subframes.

The importance of correctly fitted joist centres

Most composite decking manufacturers will have specific guidelines on how far apart your decking joists or pedestals should be. This distance is extremely important as it ensures your deck boards are correctly supported and will not dip or curve over time.

Fitting your deck boards

Our installation guides provide all the information you need to install your new Ecodek composite decking – from how to fit a butt joint, to board spacing and airflow. They also offer guidance on the installation of decking on different bases and in various locations, as well as steps and balconies.

For a visual step-by-step guide on how to install your wood composite decking, our video guide is easy to understand and will make the whole installation process simple and seamless.

The importance of board gaps

When laying composite decking, you must allow for at least a 5mm space between the boards. If the area where the decking is being installed is rather damp or there’s not much air flow you will need to increase this distance to 10mm.

Air flow is a necessity when laying composite or timber decking to prevent warping, that’s why you MUST have the correct distance between the boards. To make spacing the boards simple, we would recommend using an appropriate spacer. These spacers allow you to easily set the correct distance between the boards when laying them. To ensure airflow is sufficient, the decking needs a ground clearance of at 80mm, which you can achieve by using the correct substructure and pedestals.

Once you’ve worked out your spacings and ensured sufficient air flow around your composite decking boards, you can start fitting them.

If you’d like further advice or help on the installation of your composite decking, talk to our friendly expert team today on 01978 667 840.

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