Composite decking being used in an indoor setting

Composite decking v timber decking – the lifetime value of your deck

When choosing new decking, you’ll mostly be comparing wood composite to timber and considering price, look, and quality before making a decision.

It’s also wise to give some thought to the lifetime value of your new decking. For example:

  • How long do you want your new decking to last?
  • How much maintenance do you want to commit to?
  • Does it come with a warranty?

These are all questions that will help you determine the longevity of your chosen decking and what you can expect throughout its lifetime.

Decking substructure – timber or composite?

When installing new decking, it’s critical to think about the foundations as much as the top boards. A solid foundation will ensure your decking is correctly supported and safe, whilst providing longevity. The two main material options for your substructure are wood composite or timber.

Timber substructures require treatment

Timber is the traditional choice, but it will require a protective treatment before your decking is placed on top. Over time this treatment will diminish, and the timber may rot and splinter which could affect the integrity of your decking – and applying another coat of treatment can be tricky, or impossible, once your decking is in place! Eventually, your substructure may need to be replaced to keep your decking safe underfoot.

Rotted timber frame being removed

Composite substructures offer longevity

The alternative is wood composite. A wood composite substructure will require no treatments, and will not rot, splinter, or warp over time, lasting far longer than its timber counterpart. In turn, it will provide a solid, durable substructure for your decking, negating the need to replace either the substructure or the decking for a very long time.

Composite decking v timber decking – maintenance and lifetime costs

Once you’ve chosen and installed your foundation, you can move on to your deck boards. As with the substructure, the material you chose will determine the lifetime of your decking. 

Timber decking and wood composite are now comparable in price, meaning your initial outlay will be very similar for both. However, the money you spend throughout the decking’s lifetime will differ.

Timber decking looks beautiful but can be very high maintenance. It will require regular treatments to keep it looking its best and to safeguard it from the weather, which takes both time and money. Even then, timber decking can rot, fade, splinter, and warp over time, making it unsafe and uncomfortable to walk on. Boards may also need replacing after a few years – a cost you should factor into your initial budget.

Cleaning composite decking

Wood composite has all the beauty of timber, but is virtually maintenance-free. It doesn’t need any treatments or paints to protect it from the elements and it only requires an occasional wash with warm water to keep it looking its best. It does not warp, splinter, or rot and is slip resistant. Combined, all these features make for a very long-lasting and durable decking option.

Ecodek guarantees – no worries with a warranty

A warranty is a guarantee of quality. Choosing a decking product which carries a substantial warranty will give you peace of mind that you’ve chosen a high-quality product that’s been designed to last.

Warranties for timber products may be limited. Due to the nature of wood, and its exposure to the elements, companies may not be willing to provide a guarantee of longevity. However, wood composite decking can come with lengthy warranties, for example, our wood composite decking collections come with up to a 25 year warranty. This reflects our confidence in our products and our belief that they’re built to last.

Buying a decking solution with a lengthy warranty means you’ve bought a product that will endure – and if there’s any problems, you’re not liable to be charged for them.

Composite decking or timber decking – Making a decision

So, when choosing your new decking, it’s important to look beyond the initial price and discover how much your decking will cost you over its lifetime. Hopefully, this will save you money and maintenance – giving you many years to enjoy your decking.

If you’d like further information about the costs involved in maintaining a wood composite deck, our friendly customer service team can help. Call them today on 01978 667 840.

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