ecodek® Buy Back Scheme

To help your pocket and to care for the environment, ecodek® offers an exclusive waste buy back scheme.

Send us your waste, off-cuts, old stock or any other unused ecodek® material and once this has been returned to us we will recycle the material to be used again!

Not only will this help care for the environment, but we will also credit you with £0.30 / kilo for all material returned in a suitable condition.

This exclusive scheme is available to Specialist Building Products Ltd because ecodek® wood polymer composite is manufactured from “clean” plastic products and untreated hardwood.

Please see below for terms & conditions.

Buy Back Scheme

Terms and Conditions

1. Material to be returned by the customer to ecodek® manufacturing address or another site by mutual prior agreement.
2. All material must be in a clean, dry and uncontaminated condition to qualify.
3. All material must be fully segregated by individual colour.
4. This buy-back offer applies only to ecodek® products sold originally by Specialist Building Products Ltd.
5. Advance notification of all returns to be made to the manufacturer at the Wrexham address.
6. ecodek® are unable to give a full refund for unused boards, all material returned will be treated as scrap and therefore only creditable as such.

In the event of any dispute regarding the condition or quantity of returned material, the decision of ecodek® will be final.