Residential Decking

ecodek® residential outdoor flooring applications

ecodek® with many award-winning architects and designers that are engaged in the development of prime residential estate.

Suitable for both single and multiple occupancy applications, ecodek® brings durability and robust wearability to residential applications. Offering a range of benefits over natural timber and other composite material, ecodek® allows designers and contractors to offer their clients a high-performance, UK manufactured, recycled decking system with a 25-year warranty.

For the residential consumer, the benefits are minimal maintenance with a highly slip resistant deck which will not rot, splinter or promote mould and algae growth, leaving a beautiful deck all year round.

ecodek® Features & Benefits

  • Low maintenance – ecodek® will not need sanding or sealing like timber
  • With a 25-year warranty, our boards will not splinter, rot or split.
  • Low potential for slipping in either wet or dry.
  • Does not promote mould and algae growth.

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