Ecodek Composite Decking Colours

ecodek® comes in a range of colours available for all decking and profiles.

Black Decking

Negligible fade, retains its rich darkness
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Slate Grey Decking

Negligible fade, looks black in low light levels
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Pebble Grey Decking

Low to medium fade, weathers to a silvery colour
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Light Brown Decking

Medium fade, weathers to a natural hessian colour
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Dark Brown Decking

Low to medium fade, retains its warm, natural colouring
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Custom Colours

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Please note, the colours displayed on this website can be quite subjective due individual monitor settings, lighting and the environment. To make sure you specify the correct colour for your project we recommend that you order a sample pack first so that you can evaluate the material in the location you’re going to use it.

Take a look at these galleries to see how the different colours can look when used on different types of project.

All of the above colours are now available to order, and each colour is the same price.

Available for Special Order

Our exclusive Pink & Blue Composite Decking Boards are both available to order. These colours are made to order and the minimum order quantity is 500m2.

Please contact us for more details.