ecodek composite decking has been used in a wide variety of projects ranging from small garden decking projects to large scale commercial ventures.  Due to ecodek‘s durability, it is suitable for all kinds of projects.

Home Decking

ecodek composite decking is a first-rate product for a garden deck.  Whatever your needs and size of project, ecodek is happy to work with you.  Composite decking is an especially good choice for families with children or people with mobility issues as ecodek does not splinter or rot like wood.  It is also graded as “low potential for slip” as set out by the HSE.  When additional traction is needed, such as on ramps or for use in care homes, ecodek offers the option of having anti-slip inserts adding to your deck boards (extra charges will apply).
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Commercial Decking

ecodek is popular with architects and builders and it’s not difficult to see why.  Our composite decking gives a polished look to any commercial project. ecodek has been used for corporate residential developments, in outdoor seating areas for restaurants and pubs, in hotel balconies, schools and museums.  With our 25 year warranty and ability to provide bespoke lengths and colours, ecodek is a strong choice for your commercial decking project.
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Waterside Decking

Composite decking, especially the solid kind of boards that ecodek manufactures, is resistant to water and moisture.  This makes it a sturdy material suitable for use as waterside decking.  Wood boards tend to rot and plastic boards can be too slippery to safely use in decking projects near water. ecodek has been used as decking for marinas, swimming pools and spas because of its durability and non-slip properties.
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Caravan Decking

The last thing you want to do on holiday is have to paint or stain your holiday home deck. ecodek composite decking is ideal for use as static caravan decking, or decking for your holiday home or cottage.  Holiday home owners particularly appreciate the low maintenance properties as they do not have to put additional time in treating and maintaining their composite deck.  This means more time spent enjoying your deck and less time worrying about it.
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