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ecodek composite pool decking

Composite decking is a reliable product for use around your swimming pool. Pool decking needs to be safe, durable and nice to look at. Since pools contain chlorine or salt water, the material used for decking needs to be strong enough so it doesn’t break down over time. With ecodek® composite pool decking, you can rest assured that your indoor or outdoor flooring will prove to be a long-lasting, low-maintenance solution. Available in a wide range of styles, colours and finishes, ecodek® can manufacture and supply your bespoke order to meet your personalised requirements. 

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Here are some key concerns about pool decking and how ecodek® addresses them:

Is Pool Decking Safe For Children & Families?

Most pools will be enjoyed by people of all ages, from the young to the old. Safety is key for keeping everyone happy and having a good time. Since ecodek is slip resistant by nature, it makes an ideal material for use as pool decking. While it is still not safe to run in a pool area, ecodek minimises the risk of slips and falls. ecodek does not splinter either, making it safe to walk on with bare feet.

Does Pool Decking Resist Chemicals?

Pools often use harsh chemicals such as chlorine to keep the pool environment clean. ecodek uses HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) as the polymer element for its composite. HDPE is often used in the manufacture of chemical storage tanks due to its excellent chemical resistance. This makes it a superior product to use for pool decking.

Can Pool Decking Be Suitable For Indoor & Outdoor Use?

Whether your pool is indoors or outdoors, ecodek resists the harsh elements of water, wind and sun. Outdoors, the sun is often a culprit in the break down of decking products. Indoors, humidity can create problems with warping and mould. ecodek can be used for pool decking because it resists retaining moisture and fading from the sun.

ecodek composite decking is manufactured to reflect the natural look of a wooden deck that compliments the environment it is in. It is ideal for all domestic and commercial pool decking projects. ecodek can be used for indoor or outdoor pools, both above and below ground. Get started with your pool decking project today.

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