Installing WPC Decking Correctly

Decking substructure

At Ecodek we manufacture a product that is both durable and robust, and in order to ensure your decking will continue as such it is important to install and maintain the product as per our Installation Instructions.

The installation of Ecodek is a straight forward and simple process and very similar to working with a hardwood timber. However, there are a few areas of installation, such as ventilation, that are key to keeping your Ecodek in tip top condition! We have produced guidelines so you can avoid any potential issues with your decking, so we do encourage customers to take extra time to read them.

To install Ecodek, you don’t need any special tools, our simple installation guide lists the tools required. When laying Ecodek, you must allow for at least 5mm space between the boards. If the area where the decking is being installed is rather damp or there’s not much air flow you will have to increase the spacing distance to 10mm.

Air flow is a necessity when laying WPC or timber decking, that’s why you MUST have the correct spaces distance between the boards. To make spacing the boards simple and easy, we have added a new product to our accessories range – Ecodek Spacers! The spacers allow you to set the correct distance between the boards when laying them. There are two sides to them, 5mm and 10mm, making the one little unit a one stop shop!! To ensure airflow is sufficient, the decking needs a ground clearance of at 80mm, which you can achieve by using our substructure and pedestals.

Take a look at our new Technical Hub for things technical, including our installation guides. These resources are there to provide help and ensure you install your decking correctly, so please follow them throughout! Of course if anything is unclear, don’t hesitate to contact us!