Hardwood Decking Vs Composite Decking

Eco Friendly Alternative to Hardwood Decking

Would you like to use hardwood for your deck? Why not try Ecodek, a sustainable, environmentally friendly and easy to maintain substitute for hardwood decking.

Here are 4 good reasons to choose Ecodek

1. Sustainable

Some Hardwood decking is sourced from poorly managed forests where re-planting is non-existent and workers are exploited.  Ecodek however is manufactured from a mixture of wood fibres and polymer and is made up of predominantly recycled materials that are ethically sourced. The wood flour is FSC® certified and is sourced from sustainable and well managed forests. The polymer is sourced mainly from recycled milk bottle cartons. Ecodek also has the added benefit of being 100% recyclable meaning nothing need go to landfill.

2. Easier to install

Ecodek has been in production for the past ten years and the feedback we have received is that hardwood decking is far more difficult to install than Ecodek.  Hardwood decking often requires extra tools, considerable amount of time and a large amount of wastage.  Ecodek however can be cut, crafted and sanded with no specialist tools, it is easy to install.  One of our main strengths is that as a UK manufacturer, we can produce decking boards in lengths to suit your requirements meaning waste will be kept to a minimum.

3. Virtually maintenance free

Hardwood decking looks fantastic when you first fit it but after just a few months you will need to do some routine maintenance and spend quite a lot of time and money repeating that maintenance annually. Ecodek’s composite decking material is the complete opposite to hardwood decking. Ecodek boards will not require sanding, oiling or painting; with Ecodek all you need to do is keep the deck clear of debris with a regular brush and the occasional jet wash.

4. Safety first

A downside to hardwood decking can be the occurrence of boards splintering, warping or cracking.  They can also become very slippery when wet; Ecodek decking boards do not splinter or crack and have a low potential for slip. To increase the slip resistance further, Ecodek boards can have anti-slip carbide inserts added as part of the manufacturing process, these are absolutely necessary for ramps and walkways making Ecodek is one of the safest choices around.