Composite Decking Prices

How much does ecodek® cost?

First, we would like to explain why you won’t find our composite decking prices on our website

We believe in finding out as much as possible about your decking project. We believe Ecodek® is the most cost-effective composite decking option you’ll come across and here’s why:

Made in UK

We make your deck for you in the UK. In our Wrexham factory we produce the boards you need in the lengths you want, not standard decking lengths like all other decking suppliers will try to sell you. We give you a minimal cost & minimal waste flooring solution. This is just one of the reasons our eco credentials beat any other composite decking supplier.

Custom decking

Because we make your coloured deckboards especially for your coloured composite decking project, you get a bespoke service. No “take it or leave it” fixed lengths. We work with you to keep your costs to a minimum. Other suppliers can only supply imported decking in stock lengths, so you’re paying for material you will just throw away.

Solid decking

We don’t make hollow decking. It may be cheaper to make but it doesn’t last as long or perform as well. Ecodek® is not just the best quality composite decking. Ecodek is an engineered solid composite board sold at an extremely competitive price. We are able to do this because you as our trade or retail customer can buy directly from us, the only UK manufacturers of solid composite decking.

Complete Decking Solution

You may need composite subfloor, balustrade or cladding. We also offer a free technical consultation service should you need to work outside the standard construction methods. A service that is often used by forward-thinking architects and landscape designers wishing to put their own unique stamp on their client’s private or commercial decking project.

Composite Deck Fixings 

We won’t try to sell you an expensive, fiddly deck clip system. You fix our decking down with our specially designed coloured stainless steel composite decking screws just as you do with timber decking. These are cheaper and more secure than hidden fixings. The general feedback we get from our customers is that screws are quicker, easier & more secure than clips.  

Decking Delivered

All our composite decking leaves our North Wales factory and goes direct to your door, for this reason, every decking delivery is scheduled and any special delivery requirements you may have are allowed for. We do not charge extra for this bespoke service, all we do is pass on the delivery costs with no surcharge. However, a simple thing like giving us extra time or having a wider delivery window may allow us to reduce your transport costs significantly, our trained logistics team will always try to give you the best deal possible.

Closed Loop Recycling 

We buy back any offcuts you may have, all waste is recycled and reprocessed into new composite decking boards therefore completing the cradle to cradle decking process. We pay 30p per kilo of material returned to us.

Beating the Competition 

We urge you to talk to other composite decking suppliers and when you do, just make sure you ask them the following:

  • Is their decking made in the UK?
  • Do they offer custom length boards?
  • Will they buy back your waste?
  • Is their product a solid decking board?
  • Do they supply blue chip PLCs and prestigious projects such as the Olympic Stadium?
  • Have they been going for more than 12 years with a proven product?

We believe there’s only one company that can say YES to all the above, that’s us and that’s why we are No1 for composite decking in the UK & Ireland.

Interested in using ecodek for your composite decking project?  We offer quotes for all of our customer projects, large or small, so customers get the most accurate price for their decking project from the start.  Don’t just take our word for it, read some of our customer testimonials