Ecodek Composite Decking Benefits

10 Reasons To Choose Ecodek:

  1. Made in lengths to suit you for no extra charge (up to 6 metres)
  2. Less waste means you’re not paying for off-cuts
  3. Low maintenance, just clean as required
  4. Delivered direct to your door from our factory in North Wales
  5. The ONLY UK made composite decking
  6. Prices competitive with hardwood but with none of the maintenance
  7. Available in lengths over 6m and up to 9m with a 10% surcharge
  8. Non-standard colours available
  9. We operate a buy-back scheme for waste and off-cuts
  10. Ecodek has been supplying composite decking since 2002

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Going Green

Choosing our product won’t cost the earth as it is manufactured from reclaimed hardwood and polymer from recycled polyethylene, typically plastic milk bottles.

Less energy is used for the manufacture of Ecodek than for recycled plastic decking resulting in less carbon emissions.

Ecodek also has an in-built resistance to moisture eliminating the need for stains or sealants so there will be no nasty chemicals to leach into your soil or pond.

And since 2011 Ecodek has achieved FSC® and PEFC certification meaning customers can be assured that all the wood fibres used in Ecodek products come from sustainable and well managed forests for more details see here.

Ecodek wood plastic
No sealants or weatherproofing needed
Does not splinter
No splitting
Undamaged by rot or insects
Little shrinkage or swelling from moisture
Made from recycled materials
No toxic leachates
Waste is recycled
Slip resistant (wet or dry)
Cuts, fits and sands easily
Low thermal expansion and contraction
Natural UV resistance


Ecodek is inherently a low maintenance decking product. For more information please see our literature.