Our fixings have been designed to complement our composite decking ranges
At Ecodek, we understand the importance of providing the right fixings for your decking system. Our screws, clips and spacers have been designed or selected by our decking experts to complement our product ranges.
Fixings for Heritage, Signature and Stadia Ranges

Our high-quality decking screws have been designed to match the job in hand, whether screwing into metal, composite or timber substructure.

Our stainless steel Composite to Metal Screws have been carefully designed for use with either steel or aluminium sub-frame substrates.

Likewise, our Composite to Timber or Composite to Composite Screws have been designed to work with both timber and composite sub-frames to ensure a solid structure and added peace of mind. Manufactured from stainless steel, the composite screws have a Torx-head drill bit included in the box, upon purchase.

Traditional screws are not suitable for use on our composite decking boards as they pose a risk of damaging the boards, if not properly utilised and will hinder the aesthetic of your finished deck.

Our full range of screws are colour matched to each of our decking finishes minimising the visual appearance of the fixing ensuring a seamless finish to your deck.

Smartbit® (Ecodek Signature, Stadia and Heritage Ranges): For pre-drilling and countersinking the board in one simple operation, the Smartbit® has been specially designed for use with composite decking and will greatly reduce installation time as well as providing the professional aesthetic you desire. When using Ecodek Composite decking screws, we highly recommend the Smartbit® to help give your composite decking a clean and immaculate finish.

Spacers: Our composite decking spacers should be ordered with every order and are designed to enable quick, easy and effective spacing between or at the ends of our composite decking boards.

Specifically manufactured with our boards in mind, the spacers help speed up the installation and will ensure that correct gaps are maintained in line with installation instructions.

Each of our spacers has both 5mm and 10mm within its design and when used during the installation process, you can be certain that your finished composite desk will present a stylish and professional aesthetic.

Fixings for Peaks and Parks Ranges

Our high-quality decking fixings have been selected to for use with composite or timber substructure.

Clips (Peaks and Parks Ranges): The Peaks and Parks ranges are installed using a hidden clip fixing method. The clips are screwed into the substructure and provide a snug fit into the accommodating grooves along the sides of these boards. These clips also dictate the required space between the deck boards.

Screws (Peaks and Parks Ranges): When employing a picture frame within the decking design, the use of a square edged board would be preferable to the grooved edge of the rest of the decking. In this instance, the hidden clip system would not be suitable, so an alternative face-fixed system is available. This uses screws that are counter-sunk deep into the decking board and the resulting hole above the screw head is masked with a colour matched plug.

For detailed fixing installation details for our decking ranges contact us.

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