Cleaning your ecodek ready for Spring

It’s great to see the weather improve as we approach March and this may have already inspired you to get back out into your garden and start tidying, pruning, planting and getting those “must do” jobs, done!

Spring is the perfect time of the year for ensuring your ecodek® is looking its best and ready for the warmer months. A semi-annual clean is all it takes using a deck cleaning solution and a power washer. We recommend Saicos, a cleaner specifically designed for wood polymer composite decking, that has the added benefit of allowing your deck to maintain an optimum level of slip resistance.

Using Saicos is easy, just follow these steps to keep your deck in tip top condition…

  1. Remove debris from the deck surface using a very soft brush (do not use an abrasive brush or scourer as this may permanently mark the deck). Allowing leaves and dirt to lie on the deck surface can encourage fungal growth.
  2. Work out how much Saicos you are going to need; A 1 litre bottle is enough for 100 sqm and makes up 10 litres worth of solution at a ratio of 1:10 (100ml cleaner > 1lt water). So just over 1 litres worth of mix is enough for 10 sqm worth of ecodek®.
  3. Before starting a full clean, test an inconspicuous area first.
  4. With the solution made up, mop the surface of the deck until it’s thoroughly soaked, working the solution into the surface.
  5. Leave the solution for 20 minutes as this allows the active ingredients to break down any dirt.
  6. Use a regular hose or a small domestic jet wash to remove the cleaning solution, but don’t get too close as you may mark the surface of the deck and only use a fan/spray attachment (do not use power lance and rotary attachments on ecodek®).
  7. Ensure the solution is fully removed and allow it to dry.

Not cleaning your deck may create fungal growth which may impact upon your product warranty.

So, to purchase Saicos directly from us, call 01978 667840 or alternatively email us your order.

If you are planning to clean your deck with Saicos over the next few weeks, we would love to hear from you, so please share any photos and your comments below.