A curved composite decking with a rope balustrade overlooking a yacht on the sea.
How to Build a Curved Composite Deck
Fancy getting creative with curved composite decking? If you’re looking to get creative with your composite decking, perhaps you should consider a curved deck? Despite the seemingly rigid nature of composite wood, you can use composite deck boards and fascia...
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Anthracite composite decking, warped in the middle.
How to Avoid Composite Decking Warping
Although rare, composite decking can warp over time - and the main culprit is often poor installation. The best way to prevent your composite decking from warping is to ensure it is correctly installed. This blog will look at why...
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dark grey composite decking
Preparing your decking for winter
Winter is just around the corner, and with it the potential for frost, ice, and even snow. Whilst no outdoor surface is immune to these harsh conditions, composite decking is more resilient than most. It can withstand the colder, wetter...
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Ecodek Grey Capped Composite Decking
When Is The Best Time To Install Your New Composite Decking?
Spring and summer may seem the ideal times to install new composite decking, but it may surprise you to hear that doing so during the colder winter months does have its advantages. However, there are a few points you need...
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Alfresco dining on your decking this winter
Once the colder months draw in, our thoughts often turn to hibernation and our outside space is abandoned until spring arrives. However, decking can – and should – be enjoyed all year round. Just a few additions can make your...
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composite decking kit
How to clean composite decking
Composite decking is extremely easy to maintain, especially when compared to traditional timber decking, as it does not require any sanding, sealing, or staining to protect it from the elements. However, cleaning your composite decking comprehensively twice a year and...
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brown composite decking
What is the difference between hollow and solid composite decking?
When choosing new composite decking it is important to consider what is below the surface, as the composition of your decking may impact its longevity, durability, and aesthetics. There are two main types of composite deck board available, hollow and...
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Benefits of Composite Decking
We’re frequently asked what are the benefits of composite decking and why should I invest in composite decking over timber? We may be biased, but we believe by choosing composite decking you will benefit in a variety of ways. This...
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Composite decking design ideas to improve your garden
Composite decking is extremely versatile. It can help you transform your garden into a haven of happiness or a hive of activity. Here are a few ways you can use composite decking to create a garden which is as unique...
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Grey Solid Composite Decking
What is Composite Decking Made of and how is it Made?
If you’re thinking about installing new decking, you may be considering choosing wood composite decking. However, many of us are still unsure of what composite decking is and how it is made.     Composite decking is constructed from a...
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