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Gardeners World and ecodek

The identity of this writer has spent the better part of the last 2 years shrouded in relative mystery to you, our loyal readers. Hiding behind a thick veil of sports, music and 80’s movie references and metaphors and the misconception that I’m tall, dark and handsome, I’m actually extremely tall and extremely handsome, this […]

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St Andrews Open and ecodek

Here at ecodek® towers we are proud to say that we have been involved in a number of successful high profile projects over the years. Whether it’s a boardwalk in the heart of Jumeirah Beach, Dubai or a beautiful picturesque front garden deck in Torquay. We take great pride in our successful projects regardless of […]

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This week’s most popular Tweets

Salt Spring Island Cabin by @olsonkunig Here’s a round up of this week’s most popular tweets from @ecodek on Twitter.

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North Wales Pubs – The Cream of the Crop

It’s Friday, the weather is great and if you are anything like this writer then you are likely looking forward to a few well-deserved beers to round off the week. Come rain or shine the simple pleasure of a good pub, some good pub-grub and a few of your good friends is tough to resist. […]

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VE Day and our Special Offer

We have always been proud here at ecodek towers of the fact that our product is completely manufactured right here in ‘usually-not-so-sunny-and-even-then-it-is-not-that-sunny’. As today is the 70th anniversary of VE Day. VE Day or Victory in Europe Day, as it is traditionally known, is celebrated on May 8th of every year in order to commemorate […]

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Solid vs Hollow; The Battle Begins

It is well known that at ecodek towers we take a great deal of pride in our composite boards. Very much like the valour of welterweight boxer Manny Pacquiao’s spirit will be this Saturday as he battles for the crown, our deck boards are solid through and through. Due to this feeling of pride, we […]

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Summer at the towers

Well people, it’s that time of year again. Don’t you love it when the leaves start appearing and all of a sudden it starts getting warm? BBQ’s get arranged, we start hearing stats about how tomorrow will be hotter than it is in Athens and weather men who have never been to India or experienced […]

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Sales Office Division

The sales office of ecodek towers, particularly at this time of year, is often a busy place where staff members do their utmost to please a variety of customers with a variety of needs. On most Monday mornings going through the weekends enquiries can be likened to standing on the walls of Helm’s Deep ala […]

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The Grango Cluster

Last Thursday two of ecodek’s finest ambassadors, Mr Tim ‘Respect the Beard’ Murphy and Mr Russell ‘Care-Bear’ Williams’ took the very swanky and very invisible private ecodek jet out and descended on the Stiwt Theatre in Wrexham for the Grango Cluster careers fair. The Grango Cluster careers fair takes place every year and involves students […]

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Red Nose Day 2015

As most people already know last Friday was a very special day. Indeed it was, the week was over, the sun was shining, the pubs were open and Wales were just hours away from probably their biggest Rugby victory in the last 2 years…Red Nose Day happened as well and to be fair it was […]

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