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Islands at Chester Zoo & ecodek®

When you look outside your window you’d be forgiven for forgetting that we are, in fact, slap bang in the middle of what is supposed to be summer. Amidst weather reports that we no longer take seriously and have probably forgotten even exist, that we are actually due a bit of sunshine this month, parents […]

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Factory Shutdown at ecodek

Another August and another factory shutdown which can only mean one thing; our star-studded factory team, transport and delivery departments are off on a hard-earned week long holiday. The shutdown will officially begin last thing on Friday 31st July and last until first thing on Sunday 9th August. As can be expected this is a […]

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Standing Desk Revolutions

At ecodek® towers we are always open to ideas and new concepts. This ideology stretches across every department. Ultimately, this company would not exist without these thought processes as the very product that we sell is very much a unique one and required a great deal of thinking outside the box in order to create. […]

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ecodek® Composite Decking Projects on Twitter

It’s always nice to see ecodek® in it’s natural habitat, so here are a few of our favourites that we’ve spotted recently on Twitter.

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ecodek® From Billericay to Bombay

As a writer who is rather keen on the idea of seeing as much of the world as humanly possible I found it rather interesting when reading up on the number of weird and wonderful locations that ecodek® composite decking can currently be seen in all of its glory. Whilst dreaming of a sun kissed beach, […]

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ecodek’s Highest Tonnage

It has to be said that every month-end is a proud one here at  ecodek® towers. The reason that we are fortunate enough to be able to say this is because we are blessed with a truly spectacular workforce across all departments and areas of the company. Everyone from the people selling the ecodek® to […]

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Most popular tweets

It’s Wednesday afternoon, which means that it’s time for our weekly round up of the most popular tweets we’ve shared over the last 7 days! Last week’s top story was this » LED technology means designers are “obliged to redesign all lights” says Philippe Starck via @Dezeen Phillipe Starck also designed this scooter bike (pictured […]

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The Environment and Our Relationship With It

When it comes to the manufacture and supply of any product worth its salt, implications on the environment must be of the highest priority. This philosophy is one that is shared by everyone here at ecodek® towers, as Sir Paul McCartney so eloquently put it; “Out of all those millions and millions of planets floating around there […]

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This week’s most popular tweets

This really is the cutest thing you’ll see all week – a mother otter taking one of her kits out for it’s first ever swim » via @DevonWildlife Film taken by Tom Buckley. For more on Devon’s wild beavers go to Here are the rest of this week’s most popular tweets from the @ecodek twitter […]

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The Magna Carta Anniversary

We love a good bit of history here in ecodek towers, especially when it’s British and especially if it’s as significant, as this cracking nugget of factual goodness this writer has lined up. Unless you’re either a Jedi Knight or ate a truck load of Weetabix and drank your milk everyday as a child then […]

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