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Countdown to Christmas – Day 1 – How to enjoy your deck this Christmas

So let the festivities commence! We thought we’d do something different this year by running a series of Countdown to Christmas blogs for the next six days. The festive spirit is strong in ecodek® towers this week, the Christmas songs are on and the decorations are up.  We know there is a lot to prepare […]

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Camera traps, pine martens & red squirrels

Here at ecodek® we’re always looking to make room for nature so that we can do our bit to encourage biodiversity. 2016 will see the creation of a wildflower meadow to encourage more bees and we’ve recently had some camera traps installed by the North Wales Wildlife Trust in the little bit of woodland behind […]

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Animal Spotlight: Pumpkin – The Queen of Sheba

This is the second edition of our monthly ecodek® Towers Animal Spotlight feature. I am sorry to say that I am a week late as the animal in question was very much in demand, which leads me to introduce you to my own cat Pumpkin Ollier-Jones. It all started last September on a flight to […]

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Further developments on the NBS BIM Toolkit

You may recall from our September blog that our Sales & Marketing Co-ordinator Fliss attended a Building Information Modelling (BIM) conference in a very wet London. Although she was soaked to the bone, the conference was definitely worthwhile as it laid out the many benefits of the Level-2 NBS BIM Toolkit. Since this time, it […]

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First Aid Training

A couple of weeks ago when I joined ecodek® I received an email asking for anyone who was interested in becoming a First Aider, so I thought that I’d channel my inner Florence Nightingale and give it a go! The course took place this week with Atrium, just around the corner from us at the Redwither Tower. […]

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Misster Brymbo Featuring Rob Morgan

  This week’s blog is written by a new writer.  My name is Catherine and I’ve been working for ecodek®  for over a month now. I am taking the reins from Anthony, so please bear with me as I am new to all this.  While I get my creative hat on, I can tell you that this […]

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This Writer is Leaving!

This writer always knew the day was going to come when he would be leaving ecodek® towers and indeed his country of origin, back when he booked his place on the first semi-commercial flight to Mars in May. However he never dreamt that it would come by so quickly and due to this being my last […]

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Leaving on a Big Rocket Ship

Well the date is almost upon us. The rocket ship has been through its final/first safety check, it’s fuelled, primed and ready for the trip to Mars that I and my Russian, Indian and American comrades will be undertaking. Sadly what this also means is that this writer will be leaving his position at ecodek® towers […]

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Animal Spotlight; Mr Nut, Prince of Cats

ecodek® towers is a workplace full of legitimate animal lovers. If this writer wasn’t blasting off to Mars in three weeks he’d probably own a pet or two of his own. Alas, NASA have adopted a strict no animals policy on all of their vessels. This means no dogs, no cats, and no hamsters; even […]

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New Starter; Catherine Ollier-Jones

Well the cats out of the bag so we may as well go public. In around 3 weeks’ time this writer will be departing ecodek® towers on the first semi-commercial trip to Mars. Our mission is to find alien life-forms, make friends with them and convince them that letting us use their resources and land […]

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