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Leaving on a Big Rocket Ship

Well the date is almost upon us. The rocket ship has been through its final/first safety check, it’s fuelled, primed and ready for the trip to Mars that I and my Russian, Indian and American comrades will be undertaking. Sadly what this also means is that this writer will be leaving his position at ecodek® towers […]

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Animal Spotlight; Mr Nut, Prince of Cats

ecodek® towers is a workplace full of legitimate animal lovers. If this writer wasn’t blasting off to Mars in three weeks he’d probably own a pet or two of his own. Alas, NASA have adopted a strict no animals policy on all of their vessels. This means no dogs, no cats, and no hamsters; even […]

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New Starter; Catherine Ollier-Jones

Well the cats out of the bag so we may as well go public. In around 3 weeks’ time this writer will be departing ecodek® towers on the first semi-commercial trip to Mars. Our mission is to find alien life-forms, make friends with them and convince them that letting us use their resources and land […]

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CRM System Ten Thousand Quotes Later

Well it’s finally happened. As of 8th October 2015 at approximately 11:30am we have officially entered 10,000 quotes into our new system. It has been a long, rocky, treacherous road but all in all it’s a journey we’re glad that we took and it all began back in 31st March 2014. This is the date […]

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Rednall Airfields; An ecodek Day Out

“Twas the day of the social and out on the line, not a creature was stirring not even regrind.” It is indeed true that last Friday the offices and factory of ecodek® towers emptied for the afternoon as staff members eagerly climbed into convoys and prepared for a day of activities that you wouldn’t normally […]

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The BIM Conference and ecodek

It has been an eventful few days for our resident Sales & Marketing Co-ordinator Fliss who took to London this Tuesday in order to attend the Building Information Modelling or BIM for short conference at the Altitude venue. We at ecodek® are proud to state claim to being BIM registered since the start of May […]

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ecodek® gives penthouse roof terrace a makeover

Last week, our roving reporters, Fliss & Tim, took a well-earned trip up to Liverpool to visit the prestigious Mann Island residential scheme to find out more about a project where ecodek® has recently been installed. The owners of the apartment had found ecodek® by searching online for “low-maintenance decking” – the prevailing Westerly wind […]

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Transport and How it Works

One of the most challenging aspects of what we do here at ecodek® towers is setting up the weekly transport arrangements for orders taken. Whether it’s a project involving an eloquent summer cottage for a couple in the Cotswold’s or a 20 plus story office block in the middle of the busy streets of Central […]

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London Calling & ecodek Heeding

Let it never be said that the skies aren’t the limit here at ecodek® towers. This is a philosophy that we have worked by since the gates were opened and the mast, or sign on the side of the building, was first hoisted and still reigns true today. A great deal of our material has […]

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Autumn and ecodek; The Perfect Pair

Well, here we are again. I have yet again awoken from a period of extended slumber that I wasn’t aware I ever had. Despite this lack of awareness the evidence is overwhelming that it did take place because I have literally no recollection of the season that is generally associated with the months of June, […]

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