Carbon Negative

The manufacture of Ecodek wood polymer composite products is a carbon negative process.


This is a bold claim but is one that has been independently verified and it underpins our ethos of pursuing sustainability in our design and manufacturing operations.

A life-cycle assessment undertaken by the BioComposites Centre of Bangor University considered the production of Ecodek products on a cradle to factory gate basis. This process accounted for all significant materials, transport, energy use and packaging inputs.

The results confirmed that the production of ecodek® had the net effect of removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere rather than adding to it; a carbon negative product.

It is a tremendous achievement in modern manufacturing and one that demonstrates our company’s environmental credentials.

What does this means in practice? The Forestry Commission considers that an average tree locks up 2kg of C02 per year. By comparison, the ecodek® manufacturing process locks up the same amount of carbon as 300,000 trees every year.