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Covid 19 update 5th January 2021
With the announcement by the government of the New National Lockdown, the guidance states that the manufacturing and construction sectors may continue to operate.

We are, therefore, pleased to confirm that we will be continuing to operate as a business, with appropriate Covid safety measures in place during this period to support our customers and the wider industry supply chain.

The health and safety of our customers, suppliers and employees remains our top priority so we will continue to monitor the situation over the coming weeks, but at this stage we see no reason to change our manufacturing, distribution or service activities.

We encourage all staff, customers and suppliers to fully observe all recommended safe operating procedures and, in particular, the wearing of masks, social distancing and regular hand washing.

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World Tourism Day 2018

World Tourism Day is marked each year on September 27th. The purpose is to create awareness across the international community about importance of tourism and how it affects different cultures, social and economic values. This year, World Tourism Day focuses on digital transformation.

Global Tourism has a massive impact on country development and job creation, however another crucial value it carries is the cultural exchange. Tourists can experience the culture, and in return locals can experience some cultural aspects of the visitors through interacting with them. It not only brings people together, it also enables this interaction.

Digital transformation involves innovations from big data and digital platforms, which helps to ensure sustainable growth as it makes global tourism more responsible sector. Digital transformation allows us such easy access to not only holidays, but also researching locations and activities.

Once you’ve discovered your ideal destination, to try to ensure your visit leaves no physical mark, like footprints on the beach. Those beaches, whether they be close to home or far flung parts of the world should not be subject to rubbish left behind by their visitors.

All you need to do is pack an empty bag with you that you can just throw all the rubbish it, and then recycle it at the correct containers. We should do that not only because of ecological reasons and how badly rubbish affects wildlife and oceans, but also because of simple respect we should have to the people of country we’re visiting, respect both equally, people and nature.

Ecodek massively values our eco-credentials, that’s our product is made only from recycled plastic, and wood bought from sources certified by PEFC and FSC, and the manufacture process is carbon negative!

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