World Environment Day 2017

Today at ecodek® towers we are celebrating World Environment Day, an annual event that promotes worldwide awareness and action for the protection of our environment.

Its Canada’s turn this year to host the official celebrations and they are offering free admission to all of their national parks, marine conservation areas and historic sites throughout 2017.

This year’s theme for World Environment Day is based on “Connecting People to Nature” which focuses on getting us outdoors and into nature to appreciate both its beauty and importance.   This year’s theme invites you to think about how we are part of nature and how intimately we depend on it.

There’s a couple of events taking place up and down the country, one of which is close to ecodek® towers, and is based at Coed Dylan near Llangain Village, Carmarthen which runs up to the 15th June where actors reconnect with natural surroundings.   If you are interested in checking this event out click here for full details.

So, how can we participate today? What can we do to make a difference and get involved?

Why not share a photo of your favorite place? Whether it’s a national park or your own very own hidden gem where you connect with nature using #WorldEnvironment Day or #WithNature and mention why it’s special to you.  Click on this link which gives you further details.  All of the photo entries will then be seen by political leaders in exhibitions held at the United Nations Headquarters.   The best photos will be chosen to share with world leaders.

Why not visit a country park, once you are there why not set yourself a challenge and explore wildlife. From mammals, insects, to plants and birds, there is an iRecordapp from the Centre for Ecology & Hydrology which we recommend where you can log all of your sightings.  There’s also the iNaturalist app whereby you can record your observations.

How about volunteering at your local nature centre or wildlife refuge which will benefit both nature and wild spaces within your community? Check out the Wildlife Trust Organisation to find out further details.

Interesting that Bhutan in Asia are the world’s first carbon negative country as they put a ban on export logging, the constitution was amended to included that forested areas would not drop below 60% and that free hydroelectric power generated by Bhutan’s many rivers was utilized over environmentally devastating fossil fuels.

We share some ideas on how you can become more carbon neutral and reduce global carbon emissions?

  • Avoid using tap water to water your garden as tap water creates much carbon in its creation. Capture your rainwater in old dustbins or barrels for the garden. The processing of tap water creates much carbon and so this can really help with your quest to reduce your carbon footprint.
  • Try not to buy new things that you will rarely use as they will have a huge embodied carbon cost, from their manufacture. So instead of buying why not try and borrow things from friends.
  • Check your vehicle tyre pressure. Did you know that incorrectly inflated tyres will cause you to use more fuel?   As some sources quote a fuel saving of 10% over tyres that are just 10% too soft.
  • Whilst reading this for a couple of minutes, have a good roam around your home and see what is plugged in and turned on but not in use. I bet you will find a few things like phone chargers slowly wasting electricity.

The Guardian also give you some 15 great tips on how to reduce your carbon footprint from cutting down on meat to investing in clean energy.

ecodek® is made up of 40% recycled HDPE polymer and 50% reclaimed hardwood from sustainably managed forests making ecodek® 100% recyclable and composed of 95% recycled materials.

Results undertaken by the BioComposites Centre of Bangor University shows that production of ecodek® actually has a net effect of removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere rather than adding to it, which is a huge achievement in modern manufacturing and one that clearly illustrates our company’s environmental credentials.

We are FSC (Forestry of Stewardship Council) and PEFC (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification) approved. We can prove to you that our product has been made with timber from well-managed forests.

Our feature photo for this week is from Inga Vitola Bhutan V via Flickr.


If you are celebrating World Environment Day, it would be good to let us know what you are up to in the comments.




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