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Covid 19 update 22nd February 2021
Following the latest COVID 19 update by the Prime Minister, Ecodek continues to operate in line with the guidance set out by the Government.

We continue to take all appropriate safety measures to ensure the health and safety of our employees, customers and suppliers during this period to support our customers and the wider industry supply chain.

We encourage all staff, customers and suppliers to fully observe all recommended safe operating procedures and, in particular, the wearing of masks, social distancing, regular hand washing and other current guidance.

If you have any queries please contact us: 01978 667 840 or email

Wildlife Trust and its Beautiful Reserves

There is no question of how much Ecodek values the environment and wildlife. Ecodek has worked tirelessly reach our eco-credentials and they are something we are incredibly proud of. The manufacture of our product is a carbon negative process, from cradle to gate, meaning we not only do not add any carbon dioxide to the atmosphere, but we do remove it, as proved by BioComposites Centre at Bangor University. To make our products we only use recycled plastics (HDPE taken from recycled milk bottles) and the wood fibres are from certified sustainably sourced forests, so we know it won’t have any negative effect on the habitats of the wildlife. Ecodek is also working towards receiving zero landfill policy, which is a tremendous achievement.

To show our support to the environment, we have donated funds to North Wales Wildlife Trust  to aid them in publishing their brand new guide book – Wild Places to Explore, or more appropriately, in Welsh – Llefydd gwynllt i’w darganfod. The book is full of beautiful reserves, everyone should try to these amazing places. The guide book describes each reserve in North Wales, providing some information about it and what could be spotted while sightseeing, from beautiful birds to rare species of flowers. The new guide book will be available to purchase soon from the Wildlife Trust website.

Some of these wildlife areas are old quarries or abandoned industrial sites, which have been inactive for years. With a little help from the Wildlife Trust, nature has reclaimed its lands to make them beautiful once again, and provide habitats for the animals in surrounding areas.

Of course all of these beautiful areas are all over the United Kingdom and not just North Wales as Wildlife trust operates all over the country. Their dedicated work to restore habitats should be appreciated, and as it’s the May Bank Holiday weekend this week, what better than a family picnic in some of these “wild” places. Make sure to arm yourself with some binoculars in order to admire some of the inhabitants of the areas. To find a nearby reserve, click here, type in your post code or city and pick a reserve that takes your interest. Please make sure not to leave anything behind other than your footprints, and respect not only the Wildlife Trust and their hard work, but also the wildlife itself.

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