Welcoming our new Sales Office Assistant, Raf

As anyone in a busy workplace can appreciate, at times it is all hands to the wheel. Sometimes you even need to increase the number of hands on deck! We recently recruited a new Sales Office Assistant, and we couldn’t be more relieved he has joined our team at such a busy time! Raf has filled a new post of Sales Office Assistant, and he has a pretty diverse role, helping in all manner of areas across Sales and Marketing here at Ecodek Towers.

I asked Raf to introduce himself via this blog. Should you call the office he is bound to be the superhero leaping into action to answer and direct your call, while packing samples and all manner of other tasks at the same time! Over to Raf;

My name is Rafal, but usually I just go by Raf. I was born in Bialystok, Poland, however I moved to Wales at the age of 15, where I have studied, including High School, College and University. I recently graduated a degree in Consumer Psychology and Marketing at Glyndwr University.

My free time activities usually consists out of spending time with my girlfriend and friends, usually watching some terrible movies, however we do occasionally watch something good. One of my favourite hobbies is BBQ-ing, it could be winter -10 degrees and I would still be down for a BBQ, I still enjoy other forms of cooking.

How are you settling into your role at Ecodek?

I’m settling in great, there’s a lot to do, and vast variety of tasks to be accomplished, which is great as this is something I was interested in, a position where I get to interact with all sides of a company, as it will allow me to learn and expand my knowledge within all of the departments, whether its marketing, sales or even transport.  

 What’s been your highlight so far?

Definitely the team, everyone is super nice and helpful, and this is something crucial for everyone, because a good team and good work environment can make the time at work so much more pleasant, doesn’t matter what job you’re performing, a good team can make any job enjoyable and time fly by.

Football or rugby? Who’s your team?

I watch a bit of both, for Rugby I support Wales, and for Football I would say Liverpool, and during the World Cup I will be cheering for Poland (as Wales didn’t qualify this time).

What other sports do you like?

I do occasionally enjoy a bit of basketball as I used to play a lot of it during my teenage years, it was something I used to play on a daily basis.

What’s your favourite tipple on a night out?

I do enjoy a variety of drinks, but I must say that my favourites are Whiskeys, of course different kinds, but my absolute favourite is Japanese Hibiki, however I won’t turn down a lovely cocktail.

Favourite Film?

That’s a hard question, so many movies and different genres, but I think I will go with ‘The Witch’, a very unsettling psychological thriller, it was just so intense to watch, I enjoyed every minute of it.

What are your favourite tunes on your Spotify playlist?

Majority of Offspring and Metallica songs.

What’s your favourite sandwich?

That would be a BLT.

We are thrilled to have Raf on our team, as he is a fantastic addition to our workplace family. Also, it was his birthday yesterday so we got to have cake – as any regular reader will appreciate, cake is the cornerstone here at Ecodek Towers!

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