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We are screwy about our screws…10 million now sold!!

composite deck screws

Ecodek is a super-tough composite material, and as such it needs a tough screw to go with it. We have worked closely with our screw supplier to be able to provide our customers with a screw that has been designed specifically to work with Ecodek.  We realised some years ago that hidden clip systems are not the most secure way of holding down composite decking, and as a result, we always recommend the use of our stainless composite deck screw.

Initially we sold 63mm carbon steel screws, which were colour matched to the decking. These are good screws but they do not match the life expectancy of the decking especially given some of the environments that they are exposed to. Thus we decided to work with our screw manufacturer and developed what we believe is the best composite screw on the market. These Ecodek screws are stainless steel with coloured heads to match the decking. They are extremely strong and are twin threaded to preventing bulging.

As Ecodek has many different applications, we also sell a self-tapping 38mm screws for use on balconies where there is a steel sub-frame, as well as 53mm stainless where a shorter screw length is needed.

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