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Update on FISSAC

It’s been a while since we ran a blog post on FISSAC and thought it was a good time to give you an update.

Just to remind you, FISSAC (Fostering Industrial Symbiosis for a Sustainable Resource Intensive Industry across the extended Construction Value Chain) are looking to demonstrate a closed loop recycling process to transform waste into valuable acceptable secondary raw materials.  They are reviewing using waste materials from glass production and car tyres to produce ecodek.

During the last six months a lot of developments have taken place and the project is now halfway through.

On the manufacturing processes side, innovative technological and non-technological processes to transform waste into valuable secondary raw materials were developed and validated. FISSAC have also published a report on standardisation. It analyses relevant technical committees, published standards, and current work, in addition to presenting the FISSAC contribution to standardisation. On the design front, FISSAC have been working hard on their eco-design strategies for the FISSAC products, and developed a guideline for the application of Environmental Technology Verification (ETV) in industrial activities related to the construction sector.

Significant progress has been made on the design of the FISSAC software platform, and a first version was presented to FISSAC partners during the general assembly in October 2017.  The Living Labs for replicating the FISSAC model are now in full swing in Sweden. They were launched in Belgium, the Czech Republic, and the UK this semester and will soon begin in Barcelona.

A living lab (LL), in contrast to a traditional laboratory, operates in a real-life context with a user-centric approach. The physical and/or organisational boundaries of a living lab are defined by purpose, scope, and context. The scope, aims, objectives, duration, actor involvement, degree of participation, and boundaries of a living laboratory are open for definition by its participants.

Within FISSAC nine regional living labs will be established with their own defined purpose and scope. The living lab leaders will engage actors from the construction industry value chain to identify appropriate challenges related to industrial symbiosis in their regions.

It’s also been a busy time at ecodek towers. Last October, Technical Manager Dr Luis Enriquez and Dr, Matthew Buck, Project Engineer attended an Assembly Meeting in Sweden for an update with all the project partners.   Luis gave three presentations to everyone on the Ecodek processes.

The team involved in FISSAC are also working on a new project following the FISSAC ethos and regulations which entails reviewing different types of recycled material to be considered for use in other manufacturing processes.

To keep up to date with the project, you can always check up on tweets at #FISSAC.


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