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Solid vs Hollow; The Battle Begins

It is well known that at ecodek towers we take a great deal of pride in our composite boards. Very much like the valour of welterweight boxer Manny Pacquiao’s spirit will be this Saturday as he battles for the crown, our deck boards are solid through and through.

Due to this feeling of pride, we were quite surprised to receive a phone call from the head of the Timber Decking & Cladding Association or TDCA for short regarding complaints that they had been receiving about a few hollow composites on the market.

We have always made it clear that we do not put our names to any hollow decking so it did not surprise us to hear that some of their members had been complaining about some hollow composites on the market. Complaints have ranged from lack of structural strength and impact resistance, delaminating and even holding water.

These complaints, among others no doubt, upset us a lot quite frankly and risk giving composite a bad name. When manufactured and installed correctly; solid composite decking is the most carefree, long-lasting and aesthetically pleasing option on the market and some hollow boards are distorting this truth with second rate performance.

As mentioned already; our boards are solid and although this style of decking may require a more vigorous standard of testing this is something we are willing to go through in order to guarantee a quality product. We have been manufacturing our product for 13 years and our factory is also home to a testing lab which is run by a fully qualified polymer expert, meaning that we are constantly researching better ways to ply our craft and make sure that our product is as good as it can be.

We know that some hollow composites can seem tempting at first glance, due to the lower cost. However, flimsy fixing clips in place of screws, a body that holds more water than an Arabian camel hump, short warranties and structural integrity that’s at risk every time your Jack Russell sits on it make some of these hollow composites a potential nightmare.

ecodek are proud to be on the frontline in the war of Solid vs Hollow and feel it is our duty to make sure that the facts are not distorted and that you, the customers, get the best product on the market.

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