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Softwood, Hardwood, Plastic or Composite Which to choose?!

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Looking at decking this summer and not sure what material to go for PVC, Plastic, Hardwood or Softwood? Why not discover the other sustainable decking materials available? There is no denying that PVC decking has the considerable advantage of being low maintenance and hardwood/softwood has the nice natural look of wood, but there is a great alternative material that looks more natural like wood but also includes the benefits of plastic the answer Ecodek Composite Decking.

So why should you choose composite decking?

Firstly composite is an environmentally friendly product being made up of 95% recycled materials the polymer comes from your reprocessed milk bottles and the wood flour is from sustainable forests.  Even better, composite decking is 100% recyclable.

Secondly, it is far less maintenance than timber decking. No requirement for staining, sanding or painting each year to ensure your deck is looking good just lay composite decking and keep it clean its that simple!! Third, but by no means least, the low potential for slip. Unlike most materials available on the market, when  composite decking gets wet (let’s face it, it is Britain it will happen!) you can still use it, wood decking or plastic decking tread carefully!

More importantly why should you choose Ecodek®?

There are many manufacturers of composite decking boards but Ecodek is the first UK manufacturer of SOLID decking. What does this mean to you? Well if you decide to use hollow decking boards they will hold water & moisture internally and once the water is in, it is very difficult to remove. The constant dampness will accelerate the decomposition of the board not a problem with Ecodek. Given the durability, supported by a 25 year limited warranty, the life cycle costs of Ecodek are unbeatable.

 Why else should you choose Ecodek over other composite manufacturers?

Unlike other manufacturers we can make boards to whatever length you require from 1.5 metres to 6 metres, for example if the area of your decking is 2.75 metres long we will make boards 2.75 metres long ready for trimming upon installation!  No other UK company can provide this service and we have been providing this service for 10 years to the day!

Any further questions why you should choose Ecodek over others give our expert sales team a call

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