Safety at Ecodek and First Aid

Here at Ecodek we cannot stress enough the importance of health and safety in the workplace. For us it is always the priority while manufacturing our product, and the ecodek® itself is a product which has been created with health and safety in mind, thanks to its low potential for slip, wet or dry, and a solid and sturdy build. That’s exactly why our product is commonly used for balconies, walkways, and all manner of public realm areas, you can check out some of the built projects by visiting our online gallery, or you can read our previous blog about student accommodation at Universities where ecodek® has been used.

Accidents can always occur in any environment, no matter what safety measures are taken to prevent them, that’s why it is crucial to have qualified first aiders, ready to take care of any injuries that could happen. Here at Ecodek we always ensure we have enough first aiders during the work hours, but it doesn’t harm to have few extra ones! And I’m very happy to say that I have just been sent onto the first aid course and I have successfully passed, which makes me a qualified first aider at work! It is great news not only for Ecodek, but also for myself as I’m expanding my knowledge, which is something I always aim to do. First Aid is a vital skill that can save lives, and I can’t encourage anyone enough who is thinking of singing up for a course. I highly recommend the Atrium training and consultancy, which is a company I have completed my course with, the instructors couldn’t be any more helpful and informative. You can find all the information on their website by clicking here. Huge thanks to my managers for giving me opportunity to become a first aider, and I’m more than happy to assist my colleagues with any injuries (which hopefully will be few and far between!) or not happen at all, as we all should try and avoid any injuries by being careful!

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