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Plastic Waste Update – February 2018

Last month it was the first anniversary since the launch of Sky’s Ocean Rescue Campaign and in just a year public attitudes towards the issues of plastic pollution in our oceans has significantly changed.

A lot of changes have taken place since we published our previous blog post on plastic waste last November.

It’s great news to hear that supermarket chain Iceland are now looking to eliminate plastic by 2023 and change their packaging method by using paper-based trays.   Not only that they are looking into supporting the idea of a deposit return scheme for plastic bottles.

It would be good to see all supermarket chains following this trend by introducing plastic-free aisles and consider taxes and charges on singled-use plastic items such as good containers as proposed by the Prime Minister.


Some of our team at ecodek towers are following 9 tips to give up plastic and are following #PassOnPlastic campaign.   Why not show your support and share how much you are cutting down on plastic waste.

Personally, I have also been also doing my bit on cutting down on plastic. I have recently purchased a Radius Source Bamboo styled toothbrush which is PHHALATE free, Latex free and BPA free, so I won’t need to keep replacing my plastic toothbrushes as the bamboo styled one should last a lot longer and comes with replaceable heads.

Why not like myself purchase a bamboo styled toothbrush?


Another step in the right direction is that shops, cafes and businesses are looking to offer water refill points in every major city and town in England by 2021 in order to eliminate plastic bottle waste.

Whitbread, which owns Costa Coffee and Premier Inn, is the first to sign up to the initiative and will provide free drinking water to all of its customers and passers-by in all of their branches from March 2018.

In December 2018, London mayor Sadiq Khan has pledged to create 20 new water fountains in the city and other bottle-refill points which will be installed across London in a pilot scheme starting this summer.


Let’s not forget that a couple of months ago we had our Ecodek beach clean which hope to do again sometime.

We like this Facebook page called Pick up Three pieces.   So remember next time you visit any beach, simply look out for 3 pieces of plastic waste and contribute in reducing plastic pollution.


We like the this article from thisiseco on Should the UK Introduce A Bottle Deposit Scheme?   The UK is currently discussing the potential of introducing a bottle deposit scheme. The scheme, similar to those in some EU countries and states in America, would add a small price to the cost of plastic PET bottles and aluminium drinks cans.

From 2014-15, the UK fell in the European recycling league tables. We were tied in 10th place alongside Italy after our recycling rates dropped by 0.2 percentage points and we dropped down a spot by Slovenia’s staggering recycling rate increase of 50% (36%-54.1%).

This week’s feature image is from Tom Page via Flickr.


Have you been playing your part on cutting down on single-plastic? It would be great to hear from you. Leave us a comment in the comments field below.


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