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Plastic Pollution, Recycling and Surfers against Sewage!

Beach Decking

As we are all now very aware, plastic waste pollution is a huge issue, however there is plenty that can be done to combat it and to prevent future pollution increase. Voluntary organisation – Surfers against Sewage (SAS) is made up of members who are willing to help cleanse British beaches. Just recently, they ran an annual Autumn clean. As temperatures dip the number of visitors on the beaches reduce, making  it a perfect time for a large scale beach clean event.

2018’s October event was the biggest and most successful Autumn clean to date, which ended up removing 36 TONNES of plastic, by 21,000 volunteers! The next SAS event will be a Big Spring Clean 2019, however it doesn’t mean we should just stop and forget about the plastic waste until the next event! SAS strongly encourages people to do so called Mini Beach Cleans whenever they get an opportunity. Every action you take has an impact, no matter how big or small!

To find out more about Surfers against Sewage, as well as some methods of reducing personal waste – please follow the link bellow to check out a blog written by my colleague, Catherine –

There are different ways which can help reduce plastic waste, one of them is simply remembering our impact when purchasing products. Would you rather go to a beach riddled with plastic pollution, or a lovely clean beach? If the latter, please consider your purchases and if you need to reach for plastic packaging, opt for recyclable materials!

ecodek® utilises recyclable High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) packaging, using millions of milk bottles in the manufacturing process every year! The manufacture of ecodek® is also a carbon-negative process – which aids in decrease of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere!

Bringin recycled plastics BACK to the beach, ecodek® can be found on the beautiful North coast of Cornwall on Porthmeor Beach, St Ives. In fact it’s a Surf School that has acquired some of our product! You can find out more about ecodek® in St Ives Surf School here.

Ecodek is a proud member of Made in Britain – a not for profit organisation promoting and supporting British Manufacturing. MiB are also enthusiastic supporters and drivers of sustainability and Circular Economy among its members.

A great example of such company is Muggi – a manufacturer who make mug holders that can hold up to four hot or cold drinks, and are designed to be able to capture any spillage! “Muggis” are made out of recycled, tough polypropylene.

Mr. David Trotter – inventor and owner of Muggi originally came up with the idea for a sailing friend of his, to allow him to carry four mugs of tea on board. It turned out amazingly well – not only becoming a perfect addition to any boat, but a great addition to any office as well as wheelchair users and other disabled individuals.

Muggi is an amazing and useful product PLUS environment friendly – exactly the kind of products we need more of! To find out more about Muggi, and to browse their range of products, please go to the following link.! –

Photo thanks to courtesy of David Trotter of Muggi.

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