New Year, New Blog Post

A banner of sorts.

It feels like it was only yesterday that this writer was wishing everybody a happy and prosperous 2014. Well, I wholeheartedly hope that my wish came true and I’m now here to do the same for 2015.

Our 2014 was nothing less than an epic one as we sold in total 685,000 linear metres of decking or 95,000 square metres which is more than enough to cover The Vatican City or enough to cover half of Monaco, our best year so far. We have recruited more staff in both our offices and factory and have even had an awesome new kitchen area fitted which has already proven to be an area of Zen and tranquillity for staff members during busy days. Negotiations for a Home Cinema System and a PS4 are still ongoing.

With a new year comes new goals and as usual we are setting ours as high as we can. Our aim is to make 2015 the year that ecodek goes into full scale 24/7 production, a daunting but achievable goal. We are also looking to further expand our workforce.

Our resident Polymer expert and overall science genius, Luis, is also aiming to have his lab ready and fully operational by Feb-March. With the lab up and running our polymer research will be at an all time high meaning that our already brilliant product will be better than ever.

A further company objective, and one that may have to wait until the weather clears up a little, is to have an outdoor deck built right here at ecodek towers! Again, negotiations are still on-going this time with regards to a swimming pool, Jacuzzi and cocktail bar.

Overall, ecodek towers are on fire (metaphorically of course) and are incredibly excited to tackle 2015 and all of the exciting new challenges it is sure to bring. Our office, production and transport teams are already working their fingers to the bone and we are more than ready to assist any new and returning customers with any and all of your composite decking needs. So don’t hesitate to pick up the phone, don’t hesitate to turn on the computer (you can pick that up as well if you really want to) and we will be here and handsome and ready to help!


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