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Minera Quarry Reserve in North Wales, Wrexham

Some time ago, in one of our blogs we have written about North Wales Wildlife Trust and their brand new guide book, which showcases beautiful reserves in the area of North Wales. Areas showcased in the guide are a perfect place for a family picnic. We couldn’t imagine a better summer afternoon than visiting one of the reserves to endure the nature’s beauty, and a chance to sightsee wild animals in their natural habitats. The book is available to purchase online, and by buying it, you support the North Wales Wildlife Trust, allowing them to continue their brilliant work. To purchase their Nature Reserves guidebook, please go to the following link – 

One of the quarries which have been transformed into a reserve is located just on the outskirts of Wrexham, which is of course where Ecodek is based. Over the years, The Minera Quarry, has been slowly being reclaimed by nature, making it a really gorgeous and welcoming area.

North Wales Wildlife Trust has decided to add something unique to the area to make it more welcoming to the locals and tourists alike. A small bridge has been built just at the front of the Minera Quarry. North Wales Wildlife Trust of course wanted to use a product which is environment friendly and manufactured locally.

There was no better match than Ecodek composite decking. The manufacture itself is a carbon negative process and the materials which go into our products are recycled HDPE, taken from recycled milk bottles, and the wood fibres are taken only from sustainable areas, making it completely environment friendly.

Our decking also offers a range of benefits, its low maintenance, robust, and has a low potential for slip, which is just perfect for this project. It is also manufactured here in North Wales, Wrexham, just minutes away from the Minera Quarry. Here at Ecodek our research and development team works tirelessly to provide even greater benefits for our products. We put plenty of effort into supporting the environment, and we are very proud of the eco credentials we have achieved over the years.

The bridge at Minera Quarry is now finished, if you’re in the area or just passing by, we would strongly encourage and recommend visiting this reserve to endure its beauty. Scientific research has proved that people who have more connection with nature are happier and have more self-esteem than those who don’t. A simple walk in a reserve like Minera Quarry can boost your spirits up. To find out more please follow this link to the research article (Jo Barton and Jules Pretty, (2010) Environmental Science & Technology 2010).

With the recent heavy rain we had here in Wales, the usually shallow ravine that lies below the Mienra Quarry Bridge has been filled with water, making it absolutely spectacular to see.

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