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How Ecodek are contributing to improving the Climate Change problem

Climate change is a subject we have heard about for a long time, how it’s slowly becoming worse and what we should do to improve it. Headlines this week have shouted about just how quickly things are progressing for the worse.

There are different ways we can impact CO2 production, some are very simple like reducing the amounts of unnecessary acceleration while driving, even better for both you and the planet would be to actually walk or cycle, but failing that, an alternate would be taking a bus or a car share if it’s possible. Driving of course is a more comfortable and faster way to get around, but replacing it with other means of transport would help with the reduction of carbon dioxide, which is slowly killing planet Earth.

Another very simple method is to turn off lights, when not in use and reduce the energy consumption. Finally, one of the most important method is to recycle! Recycling can massively reduce your carbon footprint, and we here in Ecodek can proudly say that our product is made from 95% recycled and sustainably sourced raw materials and is 100% recyclable! There’s even more, manufacture of our product is in fact a carbon negative process, you can read more about the process here.

Climate Change problem

By choosing ecodek®, you are helping in reduction of carbon dioxide and aiding in restoration to the climate change, and of course you would receive a highest quality product and service, which would look beautiful in your garden, and to make it even more beautiful of a view, why not plant a little tree in the garden which of course is a natural disposer of carbon dioxide.

Climate Change problem

Why not engage the kids in your life with the climate change and ocean plastic messeages by taking them to try and catch sight of the Cragen, Wale’s legendary sea monster. Rumours suggests this mythical giant may well appear from the briney depths around the welsh coast, bringing back the unwanted plastic from the seas back to the land where it belongs. Its next appearance will occur at Aberystwyth at the Sea2shore Food Festival at 11am. You can find out where Cragen is going to appear next by clicking here. If you get to attend any of the sightings, please do try to assists in removal of the plastic from the shore, so we can keep our seas and beaches plastic free.

Climate Change problem

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