Ideas For Small Garden Projects

After taking time out to relax after the bank holiday weekend it’s now time to carry on with gardening jobs. May is the ideal time to sow seeds and to plant flowers and vegetables.

You may even be thinking of transforming an area your garden or starting a brand new project. Why not explore stylish garden ideas and include ecodek in your outdoor space? We’ve come up with a couple of ideas to get you started;


One way to get your garden in shape this spring is to order ecodek for window boxes.   Why not incorporate some spring flowers such as sweet violets, pansies, summer snapdragon, marigolds and verbena?

The best flowers to attract bees and butterflies into your garden are buddleia, alliums or heather.

BBC Gardening give you their guide to selecting the right mix of flowering perennials, annuals and foliage plants to create a colourful all year round display.


If you have recently ordered ecodek and find you have some extra material left over, why not consider creating your own planters or raised bedding areas in your garden or allotment, should you be lucky enough to have one.

Save buying herbs all the time from the supermarket, why not grow your own collection of culinary delights. Try mint, oregano, basil, fennel rosemary, thyme and sage. Not only do they look great, you can use them in your cooking as well. Gently bruise the leaves with your fingers before dropping them into any recipe to increase the flavour.

Check out these planters made out of black ecodek from a recent project

Create a raised bedding area filled with fragrant flowers. Fill the air with a beautiful aroma and include mint, rosemary, lavender or jasmine.

Our feature photo for this week is of a slate grey decking project ordered by our customers at Moshimo who are based in Brighton.

If you are thinking of adding a similar urban twist to your new garden project there is a whole variety of flowers, trees, shrubs or you could try. Check out this plant guide which we recommend for urban gardeners on the Urban Gardening Help website.


If you are looking to fill your garden space with a less costly and comfortable bench or seat, think about the amount of space you’ll need.   Try making a bench by creating it out of our composite Superstiff Support Beams.     The profile dimension for this product is 38mm x 88mm and you can order them in lengths of either 4.8 or 3.6 meters.

Chester Zoo (local to ecodek), have benches made from dark brown ecodek, installed a couple of years ago in the amazing extension to the zoo – The Islands  (based on the beautiful scenery of South East Asia).

Dark Brown ecodek ordered by Chester Zoo a couple of years ago for the Islands

If any of these small garden project ideas are of any interest and you want to include some more ecodek to your order, our helpful Sales Team are available to discuss your project requirements further. If you would like to receive a sample pack or quote, we will be happy to help – so please contact us on 01978 667840 or email

If you have completed similar projects at home, we’d love to hear from you – Leave us a comment in the comments field below.

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