Arctic conditions are certainly hitting the headlines bringing sub-zero temperatures for next couple of days. The nation is on alert for heavy and disruptive snowfall with some parts of the country on red alert.

The cold snap is also having a serious effect on wildlife with garden birds such as house sparrows, starlings, house sparrows, blue tits and blackbirds struggling in these exceptionally freezing temperatures.

At this time of the year, birds are starting to think about finding a mate and building nests to raise a family which means they need plenty of food and water.

Birds will be desperately searching for food, water and shelter to survive. An easy way to help them is to assist them stock up on foods, such as fat balls or homemade bird cakes that can be made from kitchen scraps, lard or even seeds and fruit.

It’s also difficult for birds to drink and bathe as water sources can also be scarce especially when there’s been a harsh frost but with a simple trick you can help to keep a patch of water ice-free.

The RSPB recommends, floating a small ball, such as a ping-pong ball, on the surface of the water as a light breeze will stop an area of water from freezing.

Finding shelter from the harsh weather is also key to bird’s survival. Putting up a nest box provides a place to roost and protection from the elements.


We also share with you a couple of tips in relation to your ecodek during this cold spell.

  • Take care when walking on your deck if the surface has a covering of frost or ice.
  • Use a very fine rock salt or plain salt to remove any ice. Hoar frost can, with care, be removed with a soft brush.
  • We recommend not using ice melt products as they can leave a slippery residue.


Let’s not forget that today at Ecodek towers we are celebrating St David’s Day to commemorate the life of Wales’ patron saint, St David or Dewi Sant, and are celebrating Welsh Culture.

St David died on March 1st 589 AD and after he died the Catholic Church made him a saint.

Happy St David’s Day – Photo via Flickr – Alan Levine

St David’s day has been celebrated since the 12th century, so how are we celebrating at Ecodek towers?

Paul Birkill, Trade Sales Co-ordinator has got involved into the festivities wearing his leek badge and the Welsh cakes are going down a treat with a cup of tea!


Talking of tea, its great news that tea maker PG Tips are switching to fully biodegradable, plant-based teabags which parent company Unilever announced yesterday.   Watch out for the first eco-friendly pyramid teabags which are going on sale next week, with other teabag types to follow later in the year.



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