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Ecodek Embraces Recycling Even Further – We Want Your Rubbish!

As friends of Ecodek will already know – we are rather keen on recycling.

136 million 4 pint recycled plastic milk bottles have been consumed in the manufacture of ecodek® material since the company began operating in 2002! We have taken this a little closer to home, and joined TerraCycle.

Free Recycling Programmes

TerraCycle is an organisation that offers free recycling programmes funded by brands, manufacturers, and retailers around the world to help collect and recycle your hard-to-recycle waste.

We are quite renowned  here at Ecodek for our love of cake, but since joining TerraCycle’s The KP Snacks® Nuts, Popcorn, Crisps and Pretzels Packet Recycling Programme, just how many packs of salty snacks are ploughed through is quite something! So far two boxes have been filled up with the empty packets (any brand is accepted), we have consolidated this and as you can see this week’s feature image, it is quite a collection!

TerraCycle provide a courier collection service so we are sending this huge box back to them to begin their recycling process. You can find out more about this, along with the other waste stream collections on offer here.

Given the amount of packs collected in-house, we have realised just what massive scale there is to those hard to recycle items. We have been nominated as a drop-off point for others to deposit their crisp, popcorn and nut packs in a special TerraCycle container here at our Wrexham site, so anyone can gather up their empties and bring them to us to send off!

What’s more, by joining the TerraCycle program we earn points that may be redeemed as a cash donation to non-profit, school, preferred charitable gift, or even product bundles.

So feel free to drop off bagged up packs (please note the accepted pack types below and do not tie the empty packs into knots or triangles) between 9am-5pm weekdays.


Happy snacking, and recycling!

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