A day in the life of a Technical Engineer

Callum Morsman, our new Technical Engineer, joined the team a couple of weeks ago and has settled in well into his new role.

In his first week, Callum had a great overview of the business by meeting the different teams at ecodek® as part of his induction training.

Since then the Sales Team have been keeping him busy on his toes, passing through several technical enquiries for him to review.   Callum has been assisting with potential projects and there has also been lots of drawings/diagrams which he has had to review, getting the best answers for customer enquiries.

We caught up with Callum this week on the different type of projects he’s been working on and to find out what he’s been up to since joining ecodek®.

“I’ve had a great couple of weeks since arriving at ecodek® towers.   I found my induction training really useful as it’s given me a great introduction to the company. Meeting the different departments and finding out how they operate has given me an insight and has helped me to understand what everybody’s role is.”

“I’m really enjoying the variety of work that I’m currently doing, from getting up to speed with EU projects, specifically the Gelclad project. There’s a lot of information I’m currently digesting in terms of our involvement”.

“I’ve also been able to create decking plans through CAD design which the Sales team have shared with customers to help visualise their garden designs.”

The main development in terms of Callum’s role is that he is getting to use updated 3D CAD design software to enhance the design procedure of extruder profiles and dies.   Using this advanced technology we will be able to create more realistic diagrams for customers to use or visualise our profiles.   In future we will keep you updated and will run a further blog update on how 3D developments are progressing.

This is definitely a step in right direct in terms of sharing our 3D designs with our customers and it’s great that Callum’s skills and expertise allows us to be able to do this.


It’s an exciting time at ecodek® towers as next Monday we looking forward to welcoming our new Managing Director, Johnathan Cooper.


Next week we are going to be bowled over as we catch up with the team who are going out ten-pin bowling this weekend.

We also give you an update on the benefits of a lunch time walk.   A couple of us here at ecodek® towers have been doing a brisk walk during our lunch break and want to share with you some the benefits, sights and sounds of great wildlife we have noticed and have captured a video on the Wrexham Industrial Estate.




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