Children in Need 2018

Its that time of year again to don your best spotty clothing, a pair of Pudsey ears and try your hand at baking for pals or colleagues – all in the name of raising funds for one of the largest charities in the UK, BBC’s Children in Need!

Monies raised for the charity is used for grants for projects whose objectives are to aid children and young people who are at a disadvantage. The Children in Need charity encourages people to try to raise funds themselves, in ways which will reward those who decide to support the charity, of course including feeling great about supporting those in need!

It’s one of our favourite days here at Ecodek – anyone who’s read our blogs before knows the lengths we will go to for cake! Some of our colleagues have volunteered for a bake off, and are bringing in some homemade goodies! They will be sold to the rest of our colleagues, and all the money raised will be going to Children in Need! It’s the perfect way to support the charity and yet be rewarded with a lovely cake!

The fascinating history of Children in Need can be found following this link – the first appeal was made back in 1927!

The fundraising for the charity runs throughout the year, culminating in the main appeal on BBC every November.

Few months back, we blogged about attending Carfest North (a 3 day family festival and major fundraising event for Children in Need), and the amazing recycling initiative we discovered on site at Carfest North. Glaskells Waste worked with the organisers to give children the opportunity to collect empty plastic cups, and receive a reward for it! £1 per 10 cups collected. The scheme idea was brilliant, not only as it helped to keep the event nice and tidy, but also gave children incentive to help recycle. Gaskells Waste also ran an educational quiz for children at Carfest North with a chance for a reward. The aim of the quiz was not to only help children understand what impact waste has on the environment, but also their parents! Please click here to read more about Carfest and Gaskells Waste!  It is crucial to keep the plastic waste minimal, that’s why ecodek® is made in part from recycled plastic milk bottles, and is fully recyclable!

So on Friday there will be much munching of sweet treats echoing around the Ecodek offices and factory all in the name of Children in Need fundraising. We really hope lots of other companies and schools participate. Whether by baking or buying something scrummy to pop on a spotty tablecloth!

There are other fundraising ideas to use if you’re not a fan of cake, you can read up on them on the official Children in Need website, which you can find at the following link – Fundraising Ideas for Children in Need!

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