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Big Spring Beach Clean 2017

Big Spring Beach Clean 2017 takes place on 3rd – 9th April to help clear up beaches nationwide and recycle over 50,000 plastic bottles as part of their Ocean Plastic Bottle Project. This event has become very popular during the last 5 years and is the biggest and boldest beach clean project in the UK, with tens of thousands of volunteers participating around the UK coastline.

Surfers Against Sewage (SAS) was established in 1990 and have set up this scheme. They are a campaign for clean, safe recreational water free from sewage effluents, toxic chemicals, nuclear waste and marine litter.   SAS also campaigns to protect surf spots from environmental damage, negative impacts on wave quality and to safeguard rider’s rights of access.

Surfers Against Sewage

Surfers Against Sewage (SAS) was established in 1990 and set up  Big Spring Big Spring Beach Clean – Jo Munday – Devon Surfer via Flickr

Sea pollution is any rubbish that ends up in the water which affects anything that lives in there.   The seas around the UK are home to more than 8,000 different types of species of plants and animals.   We are all guilty of treating the sea like one big giant dustbin and we’re not only harming the wildlife we are harming ourselves.

It’s worrying to know that in the last 10 years the amount of litter around the UK coastline has doubled. Some 80% of that comes from the land, rubbish that hasn’t been properly dealt with.

A group of fishermen in Shetland have set a scheme to take any rubbish that gets caught in their catch back to shore, instead of just putting it back in the sea.

We give you some great tips on how to start taking action and play your part:-

We all love our beach days, soaking up the sun! But at the same time we must also keep our beaches clean. So next time you visit your local beach, spare a thought! We share with you an article on 9 ways you can keep beaches and the ocean clean from Aqua World Water Fun Experts:-

We also give you some alternative tips on how to start taking action and play your part:-

  • Use biodegradable soaps and detergents without phosphates
  • Avoid draining untreated sewage directly at sea, rivers or water bodies
  • Choose cruise ships with sound environmental practices. In advance of the trip you can ask how they discharge waste
  • Don’t flush household products such as cleaners, beauty products, medicines, paints, diapers down the toilet.
  • If your dog should do a plop, take a while and make a stop, just find a stick and flick it wide into the undergrowth at the side.  This is the official line from the Forestry Commission – check out this link from Gizmodo
  • Join environmental groups that protect the environment
  • Teach children and adults with less knowledge that sewage is potentially harmful for both the health of humans and the environment

It great to hear that recently that Kenya have outlawed the manufacture and import of plastic bags from March for damaging the environment.  We share with you an article from the Independent.

Closer to home, let’s not forget where our site is based isn’t that far away from the North Wales coastline. Keep Wales Tidy also sets up a similar scheme called Clean Coast week which runs every May. I am personally thinking about getting involved in this myself – so look out for a future blog post on this!

If you want to get involved in this year’s Big Spring Beach Clean and become a volunteer, email their big beach clean team at or call 01872 553001 to register your beach today and to receive your unique Big Spring Beach Clean pack.

Let’s not forget that we turn recycled plastic bottles into ecodek and are our manufacturing process has been found carbon negative! Our product mix of recycled HDPE polymer reclaimed hardwood from sustainably management forest, make ecodek® 100% recyclable and composed of 95% recycled materials.   We also offer to you our exclusive waste buy back scheme which allows us to buy back any offcuts you have. Making you some money and letting us recycle the material to be used again to produce more ecodek®!

This week’s feature image is from Port of Dover – 2014 Beach Clean via Flickr

If you have been involved in something similar or know if anyone who is getting involved in Big Spring Beach Clean. Leave us a comment in the comments field below.

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