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Customer Update
Following the Government’s recent announcement, we have had a thorough review of our working practices at Ecodek to determine how we can best keep our staff safe whilst still offering a service to our customers.

For the safety of our staff and to comply with the Government guidance, we have now suspended all non-essential operations. Those able to operate from home, such as our sales, marketing and technical teams are doing so and are contactable as usual by phone and email.

However, with an extensive stockholding and emergency staff on hand, it is our intention to retain the ability to pick and dispatch orders (subject to staff and transport availability), albeit offering a slightly less prompt service than can usually be expected from Ecodek.

I look forward to the continued support of our customers at this difficult time, but trust we can all work together in support, minimise disruption to business and get back to normality ASAP.

Thank you for your understanding and keep safe.

For more updates please contact 07811684222.

ArabPlast 2019

ArabPlast, based in Dubai, is one of the largest trade expos in the industry of plastics, petrochemicals and rubber. The target of the expo is to showcase innovative ideas, new products and technologies, as well as allowing for international alliances and cooperation. The plastic and petrochemical industry is pushing new trends around the world, which are crucial to sustainable energy systems. It’s beneficial for companies to attend this show for their own exposure and networking on a world stage, but also it is massively beneficial for the whole industry. Petrochemicals and plastics are used in all sorts of daily use products. These include products such as clothing, detergents, tyres and many more. It also includes packaging, which causes large amount of plastic waste. Companies who revealed their new technologies and ground-breaking solutions were allowed promotion of their work towards better environmental & sustainable practice as well as encouraging other companies to do similar.

Ecodek's Managing Director at ArabPlast 2019

Ecodek’s Managing Director at ArabPlast 2019

As members of the British Plastic Federation (BPF) we exhibited at Arabplast within the BPF Pavilion. BPF represents over 80% of the plastic industry in the United Kingdom, and features various member groups including recycling, where Ecodek sits.

Here at Ecodek, we dearly value and respect environment and wildlife. We ensure that our product is made both sustainably and is eco-friendly. We do so by producing our decking boards purely from recycled plastics (HDPE from recycled milk bottles), and wood fibres only taken from certified, sustainable sources. Manufacture of ecodek® is also a carbon negative process, you can read more about our sustainability credentials here.

There is already a huge amount of ecodek® in Dubai, as we were tasked with developing a specific substructure for the Jumeirah Beach walkway – which runs for 14km along the Persian Gulf coastline.  Ecodek have an international reputation for supplying solid composites of the highest standard, and our ability to design and supply new, competitively priced profiles to an exacting timetable was fundamental to our involvement in the project.

Dubai offers a harsh climate so our client rigorously tested the prototypes for thermal stability, longevity, strength, ease of assembly and water absorption before placing an initial order for 100 kilometres of profile!

Decking installation


Jumeirah Beach is located right at the heart of the Arabian Gulf and plays host to the spectacular 617-room Jumeirah Beach Hotel as well as a range of other attractions including the Wild Wadi Water Park along with a number of bars, restaurants and nightspots. We were delighted to supply our materials for such iconic and beautiful location. Today the walkway is a very busy area, with thousands of people using it daily, which is exactly the reason why our substructure was a perfect material. Our low profile bearers are solid, robust and will stand the test of time, which is why we offer 25 year warranty on our substructures and decking boards. To read more about the project, please click here.

Decking Installation


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