Advanced Installer Scheme

It is fundamental to know how to install ecodek® correctly. Our composite decking is worked with similar to timber decking, however there are some crucial points that need to be followed. All the necessary information is available on our website under the ‘Technical Data’ heading, which are easily accessible in PDF formats. Please click here to go to our technical literature. We are also more than happy to answer your questions over the phone or via email. Additionally there is a short blog available with some essential highlights of the WPC decking installation, however please ensure to follow full ecodek® installation instruction. You can read the blog by clicking here.

Advanced Installer

Ecodek offers an Advanced Installer Scheme for builders and companies. There’s no costs or charges associated with the scheme, it’s a mutual relationship. The only requirement is for you and your employees to be aware of how to deal with ecodek® and how to install it correctly, for which we would provide you with all the necessary information. We also offer an installation training, which is held in our base of operations in North Wales. Training will take up to few hours, for which refreshments will be provided. We aim to host the training once a month, close to month end. As Ecodek’s advanced installers are listed on our website, we would be able to recommend your company to our customers who require installation services in your area of work.

If you are interested in becoming Ecodek’s advanced installer, please send us an email to with some information about your company, and we will provide you with an application form.


Advanced Installers


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