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Princesses Eugenie’s Plastic-Free Wedding

Last week saw another Royal Wedding – Princesses Eugenie married Jack Brooksbank. Their wedding was not only beautiful, but also quite notable as Princesses Eugenie had already made another vow that their wedding be plastic free! Publicly declaring this aim follows from her existing stance on reducing plastic. Their house is already anti-plastic, and Princesses Eugenie is more than happy to support and advocate plastic free movement and campaigns! It’s admirable as she keeps to her ways no matter what, even during such special occasion.

Hopefully her stance will persuade many people, who do not pay much attention to their plastic consumption, start to address the plastic issue we’re facing, and do something about it. Seeing that quite a large number of people on social media have reacted very positively to the plastic free wedding, it also seems like they are also interested in reducing their own plastic waste. If so, a video created by BBC under a name of “Five Ways to break up with Plastic” contains some great advice on which products made out of or are stored in plastic can be easily replaced with eco-friendly products.

Plastic Waste

I can’t stress enough how important reducing the plastic use is, that’s why only recycled plastic is used in manufacture of ecodek® products! Added to that, ecodek® is fully recyclable, solving the issues of any potential waste. At Ecodek we deeply value our eco credentials, and we always aim to support and advocate campaigns which help wildlife and natural beauty. It’s always crucial to advocate for these type of movements, as humans as a race are responsible for the plastic pollution issue and the harm it is doing to wildlife.

Let’s follow Princess Eugenie’s pledge and do whatever we can to reduce our individual plastic consumption! Princesses Eugenie is an inspiration to many and a great example to follow!

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