Adek – Aluminium Decking – FAQs

How to maintain Adek aluminium decking system

As Adek is an engineered system manufactured from hard wearing Aluminium, the kind of issues usually associated with traditional timber decking is a thing of the past.

As well as its long-lasting qualities, Adek does not have the same maintenance requirements as traditional decking. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. Our aluminium decking does not require any treating, staining or painting. Gently cleaning your Adek balcony decking from time to time with a soft brush and water will provide many years of enjoyment.

What is the coating used on Adek?

The decorative coating used on Adek is certified as Qualicoat 1. Qualicoat is an internationally recognised specification for the production of high-quality coatings on aluminium products specifically for architectural applications.

Qualicoat has established a set of specifications for the production of powder coated finishes on aluminium. These define the minimum production requirements for plant and equipment, coating materials and finished products. The aim of the Qualicoat specification is to ensure a high-quality of coated products for use in architectural applications.

All the requirements in the Qualicoat specification must be met before a manufacturer can be granted a quality label. The standard covers more than twenty different tests depending on the material being tested, most tests being conducted under ISO or EN standards.

The tests cover:

  • The visual appearance of the coating and the gloss quality
  • The specific coating thickness
  • The adhesion of the coating under a series of demanding physical tests where the aluminium substrate is bent, dented and heated
  • The adhesion of the coating under accelerated weathering and industrial pollution conditions.
  • How the coating reacts to mortar, boiling water, standing water and how well it reacts when being worked with cutting tools

The decorative coating on Adek is applied and tested to Qualicoat 1 standard. This means that the coating will be of consistently high quality and has been rigorously sampled and tested during the production process for its appearance, consistency, adhesion and reaction to weathering and pollutants.

In addition to the Qualicoat 1 testing regime, we carry out our own testing of the Adek surface to establish its slip resistant properties and its resistance to everyday wear and tear.

How does Adek perform in slip resistance testing?

The Adek profile has an excellent level of slip resistance under both wet and dry conditions. The powder coat is formulated to provide good contact between footwear and the deck surface.

According to HSE guidelines, a Low Slip Potential classification is achieved with a value equal to or greater than 36 when tested in accordance with BS7976-2 Pendulum Slip Test.

Adek slip resistance results

  • Dry Conditions 51
  • Wet Conditions 42

Meaning that Adek achieved Low Slip potential.

Why is aluminium the best material for high-rise balcony decks and roof terraces?

Construction materials that have A1 and A2 ratings are classed as non-combustible. This is now a legal requirement for materials incorporated into the envelope of high-rise buildings; that is any building exceeding 18m in height.

Aluminium is classed as an A1 fire-resistant material and will not contribute to the perpetuation of a fire. Adek is made of aluminium that has been coated with a decorative, polyester powder coating system called Interpon D that is manufactured by Akzo Nobel.

The combustibility classification of this coating is determined as A2FL-s1 under EN 13501-1 2018.

This determination is made from the combined results of the EN ISO 1716 Calorific value test, which measures the maximum amount of energy released by a material when complete combustion occurs, and the EN ISO 13823 single burning item test. The latter measures the heat release rate, the total heat released and the smoke production rate.

There are two elements to the classification:

  • Combustibility – A2FL means non-combustible (FL signifies a specific flooring test)
  • Smoke emission – s1 (s1 is best, s3 is worst)

Interpon D is also independently approved for use in the London Underground network.

The test regime for this approval includes smoke emission, toxic fume emissions, analysis of the material emitted, the volume of emissions, flammability, tendency to propagate fire and surface spread of flame.

Always in safe hands with Adek

Adek from Ecodek: Part of Epwin Group

Adek from Ecodek has been designed, engineered and evaluated by a cross-functional team of technical manufacturing experts. Ecodek is part of Epwin Group Plc, one of the UKs largest manufacturers of building products. As such, the development of Adek has benefited from not only years of decking expertise from Ecodek but also years of wider manufacturing knowledge drawn from the wider Epwin Group. With the stability of group behind the operations and delivery of Adek, you really are in safe hands when you choose our aluminium balcony and terrace decking system.

Can I cut boards to a Mitre finish?
Yes, however you will need a chop saw with the ability to cut up to 417mm and a suitable cutting blade for aluminium (see below).

Can I have a picture frame finish for the edge of my decking?

Can I use my boards in a vertical plane i.e. use it to clad a wall?
Please contact our Technical Department for further information.

My deck board is damaged?
For minor scratches please use our touch up pens (available to buy from Ecodek).
For major impacts and gouges you will need to replace either the Channel Cover or the Adek board.
To remove a channel simply use a Channel key to pull up damaged Channel Cover and replace.
To remove an Adek board, use a Channel key to pull up both Channel Covers and unscrew the Adek board.

How do I clean Adek?
We recommend that you do not Jetwash the boards – a brush and hose pipe with water should be more than sufficient.
For more stubborn stains contact our Technical Department.

What saw blade do I need for cutting Adek?
For the chop saw you will need a saw to cut 300mm for the width of the deck. The blade should be a TCT blade with a high number of teeth such as the Frued TCT Circular Saw Blade 305x30mm 96T or the Makita TCT Circular Saw Blade 305x30mm 80T.
For the circular saw to rip down the length you will need a similar TCT blade such as the Erbauer Circular Saw Blade 165x20mm 40T.

For further information on Adek balcony decking systems, or to request a sample or quote before placing an order, call us directly on +44 (0)1978 667 840 or email our technical department: or enquire below.